Covid Cases Climb As Vaccinations Drop, Delta Spreads 1

Covid Cases Climb As Vaccinations Drop, Delta Spreads


The CDC warns of "pandemic of the unvaccinated" as all 50 states see rise in Covid cases. And Facebook defends its handling of misinformation after Biden accuses the platform of "killing people."
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    1. The goverment has absolutely no rights to order any private company to remove post they FEEL is MISINFORMATION!!
      The CDC has posted so much b.s. everyday about this virus, there post aren’t removed!! This is straight up censorship!!!

    2. @Tonya Perry Oh man, I’d love to hear how your facebook/google diploma beats the medical degrees of those in the CDC.

    3. @Harold Moore The first sentence and main point of Tonya’s reply. It really doesn’t matter how infallible someone feels that doctors and scientists are, and its not relevant to her claim.

  1. “No scientist ever believes that he has the final answer or the ultimate truth on anything.”
    — Carroll Quigley

    1. @Chris McCaulley We can no longer trust that Science is not just politics anymore….The scientific communities has sworn loyalty to the Democrat Party….They have sullied their reputation and can no longer trust ANYTHING you hear from these minions….They will only show you what their master will have you see.

    2. @David M Right, Fauci is like most scientists, as they learn new details, they update their information. He’s one of the better Doctors out there.

    3. @Jeremy Backup Updating? More like flip flopping like a fish out of water.🤣 Take a hike shill..

    4. @JChris Carter lmao. You apparently don’t know how science works. Science does choose a party. Science prove what’s real and what doesn’t work. Democrats are right and republicans are wrong and so you say scientists are on the side of democrats. Do you know how stupid you sound.

  2. “It took just 8 years to go from the Obama admin denying that they spy on our cell phone data to the Biden admin nonchalantly saying they’ll
    fact-check our text messages.”

    1. This is why the 2nd amendment is our ONLY LEGAL REMEDY to the Democrat Depravity we witness today…

    2. @JChris Carter
      Yet Trump was the guy who fast tracked the Gates GAVI vaccine, pushed for federal red flag laws and g5 technology. 🤡 Fools

    3. @Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiments Trump was being undermined from within….I hold Trump responsible for nothing…..He was dully elected and he tried….The democrats stole their election are deserving of all blame.

    4. @JChris Carter stole what election? You mean Trump lost and you cried like a newborn baby. I know, you were telling anybody and everybody that Trump was going to win and Joe had dementia. Trump lost and that some how bruised your fragile ego. Trump gave you what you wanted. An enemy. He gave you permission to show that ugly side of you and you love him for it. You are a clown.

    1. Ask Australia. It’s summer right now in the northern hemisphere so less flu around in general. It will creep back when everyone stops masking. Summer colds that aren’t covid are slowly coming back.

  3. One of the worst bioweapons ever released on the United States came from China in the form of a mind-altering substance found in red hats.

    1. @Ricky Powers the right wing make up things and then believe the things that made up. Y’all are psychos.

    2. @Harold Moore explain what we make up. Like making up that hunters laptop is Russian disinformation. Maybe making up Russia collusion. Maybe making up the death of the capital officer being beaten with a fire extinguisher. Maybe making up the bounties on troops in Afghanistan story. Maybe making up that masks saves lives . Maybe making up the vaccine is safe. Its you liberal democrats that can’t think for yourselves and have to listen to media to tell you how to think. Do you know of a story they got right. Maybe that Biden brain dead

    3. @Ricky Powers Hunter Biden’s laptop was never a real thing and the were over 150 contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign. It’s right there in the report if you cared to read it.

  4. Fear is the greatest control tool. Brian Williams you have no credibility since your personal war-tail lies. Not convinced, even if true it’s sad that we cannot trust our government or MSNBC What a shame!

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