Covid Cases In Children Spike In Tennessee, Alarming Doctors

NBC News' Maura Barrett reports that “of the 18 year olds and under that are eligible for the vaccine here in Shelby County, only 7 and a half percent are vaccinated.”

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Covid Cases In Children Spike In Tennessee, Alarming Doctors


  1. Children dying should be the last straw…emphasis on SHOULD. But, politics are killing Americans

    1. @Nicholas James wake up and change this crisi make right choice ..if not USA will join 3rd world country

  2. Can we say the GOP really never cared about abortion, but rather used it as a HOT BUTTON

    1. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime I think your wrong… Killing a pregnant mother you get charged with fetal homicide. JS.

    2. @Gabbey Smith Killing a pregnant mother is murder. BUT the prosecutor can’t file murder charges for the fetus unless after week 20…..LOOK IT UP

    3. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime Abortion is murder. When you crush a babies skull and pull the baby out piece by piece. That’s murder. A lot of abortions that take place occur like that. It’s not always a “clump of cells” being removed, it’s gruesome. Just because its legal doesn’t make it right. Look at history

    4. @Kenneth Are you gonna take those drug addicted unwanted babies and feed and house them and get them ready for the welfare system you rightwing nutbags hate so much?

  3. To say surrounding students with vaccinated people, it’s not consoling to any parents for children under 12. The mask is no longer enough. As we all well know the vaccinated can still transmit Delta. We become carriers. Put the mask on!

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski yeppers. Actually a lot of comments have been deleted. YT must be on fire today. JS.

    2. @Gabbey Smith lol, ok, because I haven’t gotten any other responses on this thread but yours, a d I know sometimes I respond on a thread, thinking it is a different one especially if someone is posting on many threads, like when trump supporters scream

    3. @Stefan Jakubowski well crap maybe. I don’t know now damnit. I was banned for a bit, so that could have been why. My bad. I apologize. Was fun though.

    4. @Gabbey Smith ahhh yeah, got banned and.they immediately lifted it and it screwed some of my posts a while back
      Every post I do I now copy to a file, with a copy of what I am responding to for.the electronic freedom group,
      I have a history of calling out over the top conspiracy stuff and disinformation and getting banned while demonstrably false information stays up
      There are some darlings of YouTube red brigade that never get blocked or removed, others like willymusic get blocked, it is weird
      Take care

  4. I was at the corner store the other day and the clerk said there was a time when someone wearing a mask would have scared her. Now she is frightened of the unmasked.

    1. So you’re saying she is afraid of the human face and that’s a GOOD thing? Do you even hear yourself right now?

    2. @Robert L. Ross Good job, you’re part of the reason why many people don’t take this seriously, because of people like you and the media who make this a very political thing.

    3. I know me too. I live in Texas and had to go shopping yesterday and about half the people were wearing a mask and I noticed myself backing up from the people in line who wasn’t wearing a mask. Lol.

  5. All this death just to “own the Libs”. How dusgusting. How heartbreaking because it IS PREVENTABLE!!!

    1. Pretty stupid when you consider that “libs” are more likely to be vaccinated (and safe). But yeah, apparently willing to die to make a point. But I guess we knew these are not smart people.

    1. @HIWAUNIS WISE but facts show otherwise… ppl are so stupid. How many parents will lose their kids and how many kids will lose their parents. Unreal.

    2. @Avery Kelley I refer to the Republican tendency to blame everyone and anything that is not of their dominion as the cause of all the country’s woes.

    1. If I filll the building full of toxic gas made a bunch of children go in there told them they couldn’t wear masks and then I had a gas mask on what would you think about me

    2. @Steve Copper children deserve better than this. What kind of person forces children into a dangerous place while simultaneously refusing them the weapon that could save them? Vile, evil, despicable, all these and more?

  6. Unfortunately, even if they stay healthy, they’re still in Tennessee and likely to be ruined by their parents well before they reach adulthood.

    1. Btw, the there is the kalamazoo promise. If your child goes to school in kalamazoo and meets the requirements, that child goes to WMU for free.

    2. Republicans should not allow their children to use ventilators. Because it is “unnatural”.

    3. @Jonathan Mol as much as I love the mountains and “simple” way of life (not so fast-paced/country living), I can’t expect my children to be any better than I am if I keep them in the same place around the same people.. I want them to have so many good opportunities they don’t have time to make the same bad decisions I did. My husband really wants to move to Canada but I don’t think I could handle the cold— Tennessee is bad enough lol and it’s not really that bad. It is beautiful up there though and I like their govt a lot better too.

    4. @Toni Nicole Douglas I lived in Winnipeg Canada for 3.5 years. I did get citizenship and a health card and a SIN card. The cold weather wasn’t So bad.
      In 2013 I was doing day labor and it was -30F with a -57 F windchill. I was standing in a snowstorm outside. I was dressed for it. ☃️

    5. @Jonathan Mol wow! I could never! Lol my problem is I have a nerve condition made worse by scoliosis so I have nerve pain all over my body and a zillion different places on my body twitch like when you get an eye twitch. It’s constant and the cold weather makes it 100x worse 😢 So anywhere colder than here is a no go for me. It also makes my depression worse and it takes me all spring and half the summer to get back to some semblance of normalcy, so I’m depressed 9 months out of 12 and we just need a nice sunny change.

  7. Shelby County children get to unwillingly be “canaries in the coal mine”. Chuck Todd’s reaction is correct and yet, understated. Grrrrr!

    1. Shelby county has been literally on fire with Covid19 this whole time. I know I’ve watched things started to get under control. And now It’s blowing up like crazy there again.

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