1. Shocking.
    No, really.
    I can’t believe this is happening.
    I am very, very shocked.


    1. @jay adams Well, Trump is the chosen one soooooo.
      I’m all good with the Jesus. That hippie still owes me $50.

    2. __ People’s tired of living, bored down here!!. Wanna go see what’s up there!. 🙃🥴😙🧐🧐😏😒😔🤐😶😑🙊🤥!!.06/19/20.Fri.@7:38PM.

    3. @Robert William Ross Our mother was locked down in a nursing home convalescing after she fell and broke her leg. She passed away on April 5. I’m here to tell you death and sadness is not an ‘over reaction.’ Who do you think you are?

  2. I pray for you all in America, your president is fool, please listen to the experts. Me and my friends have personally lost loved ones to the Coronavirus in the UK.

    1. @Chubby Moth What are you talking About? Who cares about Turkey? Screw our Allies? Our only two true allies are Great Britain and Israel. They stick with us. Every other country should be nothing to us. Why do you guys always worry about what some other country thinks of us? Has anyone ever made fun of or laughed at you and you ignored Them? Your global warming is a Hoax, if you had covid I’m glad you’re better. I was saying I don’t know anyone or seen anyone with it. Is that weird or Something? Man, I can’t wait to vote for Trump Again and you know Why? Just go read the comments everyone makes toward me.

    2. @Nika Austin Oh yeah, I’m going to the rally tommorrow while your friends burn down buildings. I’m sure you’re ok with riots but not rallies. Thanks for the death threats towards me. That’s why I know you’re lying about those deaths. If it were true you wouldn’t wish it on me or anyone else. Remember? Demoncrats are the party of love. Unless your a Republican or unborn baby or a cop.

    3. Thank you for caring and you are right we have a. Ignorant racist idiot for president and I cannot wait until he is voted out before we here all die from his negligence

    1. @John Balnis Dad Yep,signing a disclaimer to attend Tulsa rally is really just so trump campaign knows who showed up.

    2. @cj p “Texas ranks 41st in deaths per million despite having the 2nd largest population.” *What is it about the concept of PER MILLION that you do not understand?*

    3. @Toji Emoji For an example of stupidity, look at this thread. One supposes that they the like the idea of letting the old and infirmed die. What make them such idiots is that they probably are the ones that are most in danger of getting culled.

  3. Trump country should now be called covidiot country! Trump supporters are the mirror image of their leader! To paraphrase John Bolton, Trump supporters like Trump are “stunningly uninformed, ignorant of basic facts and of course easily manipulated!

    1. @BortD 83 i disagree! Because Biden has an ability which Trump totally lacks and that is the ability to admit when you’re wrong! While Trump is totally ignoring the the advice of our doctors and epidemiologist to help his re election prospects, Biden is behaving like a real president and adhering to their advice and modeling the proper behavior!

    2. @bngr bngr No, i don’t love Bolton! He’s a traitor and a coward but his assessment of Trump( beside the profile of a sociopath) is one of the best i’ve heard to date! Not surprisingly, it is also a perfect profile of his supporters as well!

    3. Cornelius Squalls I agree, I can’t remember a time that Trump admitted he was wrong about something. However, I think your bias against him is making you believe that Biden is this great guy when he isn’t. The truth is, Biden was wrong for saying that we shouldn’t restrict travel to China. Also, I don’t remember a time Biden has admitted that he was in the wrong.

    4. @BortD 83 No, Biden isn’t perfect but compared to Trump, a man with no redeeming characteristics and has told over 18,000 lies since he’s been in office, he’s a saint!’ Also, Biden has admitted that he was wrong on the crime bill and his stance on busing!

    1. Democrats Formed and supported the KKK after they lost the CIVIL WAR. Lets not forget that 1964 Civil Rights Act was opposed only by Democrats led by Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who formed his own KKK Chapter. Yes, Hillary Clinton’s MENTOR… Don’t forget EVERY Jim Crow Law was written and enforced by Democrats.

    2. @fasteddie is this china’s way of answering trump’s request for them to help him win reelection?.

  4. Didn’t some self-proclaimed high IQ genius say the virus would go away with warmer weather? Not so in Arizona. Oh, and there are children hospitalized also. Oh, and do you think it hurts the economy when people are exposed and self-quarantined and cannot work because of that. Yet here in AZ idiots protest wearing a simple and polite mask to help protect their neighbors. If you go to a grocery store less than half the people shopping are wearing a mask and those people go out of their way to ridicule you for wearing one.

    1. Andrew Hunsaker also my issue is I won’t get paid the same wage if I don’t work.
      No country in the world can everyone get paid their wage by the government.
      So yes I would prefer to work so I get paid more to pay off my mortgage.

    2. Lucius Kiirus – Not a billionaire unless you count being billions in debt a billionaire. Actually learn something about a person before you just blindly support them.

    3. Andrew Hunsaker – We pay taxes so that BOTH parties in the U.S. congress can agree that Jeff Bezos doesn’t yet have enough fucking money so let’s send him all this working and middle class tax money. Honestly….the U.S. is a complete and utter farce of a country. CV has exposed all the massive major flaws we have. Socialism for the rich……Capitalism for everybody else. By sheer volume of numbers the lower classes pay most of the tax bill and get the least benefit.

    1. @Tim Snow most of the protestors were wearing masks and they were outdoors, moving around. You’re much more likely to contact a communicable disease when you’re huddled together indoors.

    2. Tim Snow – Indoors versus outdoors Einstein. Literally 100 times more likely to spread indoors versus outdoors.

  5. So much for coronavirus going away when the warm weather gets here. It’s hot and sunny in the south for some time now and cases are getting worse

    1. The first time they spread that lie I said wow, if only Spain were known for being warm.
      They told people that if they go outside they are safe. Literally said staying at home could make you sicker. Literally IS used correctly.
      Source: In Florida. Banging my head on KB at dumb things told to citizens.

    2. Just look at Brazil, Argentina and Chile as they go through autumn and winter…. aaaand it’s something you don’t want to see…

      Just imagine if this already gets bad enough in the summer… maybe 50000 cases and 2000 deaths per day… it’ll only rise from there on

    3. How y’all know people really got it all they doing is giving you numbers that somebody else gave them 🤷🏾‍♂️

    4. So is your breath. Try preparation H. Or maybe an enema. Damn you smell like a democrap. Or is that your depends wit a full load

  6. Doctor: “I’m sorry but your mother has contracted Covid and sadly passed away”

    Trumper: “Fake news!”

    1. Your klan should be dropping like flies. The protesters didn’t do temp checks wear mask, take a bath. . And sanitizer would be out of the question. . What u got stupid democrap

  7. This event is a disaster in the making. No question about it. I wonder what Trump’s excuse will be when the stats go through the roof.

    1. The fungus the protesters bring with them. God loves you even if your a stupid democrap. And you have Biden bahahahahahah French toast Biden bahahaha. Lunch bucket biden . I rest my case

    2. ​@Mary Lynne Thank you for your very intelligent accurate and NONPOLITICAL answer! We need to hear more from people outside the US to get through to people who only listen to what our President thinks about it. They won’t listen to fellow Americans who KNOW COVID 19 is NOT a regular flu and must be dealt with as the dangerous pandemic that it is. Stay safe over there! We are all in this together…

    1. @Jock Young
      in about 10 years time
      lmao…………and if there’s still food to go round…….lol

    2. @cj p To little to late,once Harvest largely ungathered,Grocery supply lines interupted,hoarding. Chance of starvation this year.

    1. @D-tar OV
      20s and healthy makes you LESS likely to have problems, but it doesn’t make you immune. More importantly, however, it’s not really about YOU; it’s about the transmission rates. The more people are out passing it around, the likely it is for the vulnerable to get it, and more people will die. And while YOU may think the death of a 74 year old is not a big deal, I’m guessing THEY do. Compassion is a choice; apparently it’s not for everyone.

    2. @moomoofish 1 they’re brainwashed and not moving
      1 cm. unless Fox & Friends tells them to.

    1. @Mister Sinister At a time when President Trump and other top U.S. officials have claimed — with little evidence — that leftist

      groups were fomenting violence, federal prosecutors have charged various supporters of a right-wing movement

      called the “boogaloo bois,” with crimes related to plotting to firebomb a U.S. Forest Service facility, preparing

      to use explosives at a peaceful demonstration and killing a security officer at a federal courthouse.



    2. @Jock Young US inhabitants have NO IDEA about the rights and responsibilities of freedom. None whatsoever! Going to a gathering during a global pandemic causes harm to others.
      Libertarian philosopher John Stuart Mill: (On Liberty) “The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.”

    3. And you have Joe Biden!!!! Man of the slaves. A Democrat. “You ain’t black” unless you support the founders of the KKK… AKA the democrats

    4. Ron Kek Old stupid trope. The KKK was and is a conservative right wing organization when all the Southern right wingers left the Democratic party they took all that hate and evil with them and settled in the Republican Party.

    1. @D-tar OV “Death rates in Democratic areas are triple…”
      Since I’m an Atheist, I say this at the risk of being struck by lightning or bursting into flames…
      …and now, back to our regularly scheduled atheism.

    2. @jcllings Thanks, I’m doing my best, but opening the eyes of the blind is the most difficult thing to do in the world…. Another thing, that people should finally realize for fucks sake is that more than 90 percent of the people are dying WITH covid, not FROM covid. Just because it was present, doesn’t mean it was the main cause of death. If a 90 year old grandma with leukemia or stage 4 brain cancer gets infected with covid and dies, this means she died WITH covid, not FROM covid. This is the case for more than 90 percent of the deaths attributed to covid in the world.

  8. Deaths per 1M population:
    S. Korea : 5
    Australia, NZ, Singapore: 4
    China : 3
    HK : 0.5
    Taiwan : 0.3
    USA : 366

    1. @Chubby Moth are you a poet? You have a good use of image conjuration. Straight up, trump is the swamp, everyone in the whitehouse just festers around him, begging for more money; while spewing their filth on the public. Its a truly sickening state of affairs and it’s horrid to watch.

    2. cj p Spain and Italy went through a horrifying crisis
      Sweden is doing an experiment where they are euthanizing their elderly
      UK began the pandemic wanting to give up the lives of vulnerable people to Herd Immunity
      ….do you really want to compare us against those countries?

    1. @howdareyou41 And why the hell should the Democrats do that? Almost all the votes and voters lost will be Repugs, who brought it on themselves.

    2. @John Underwood b/c the dems are lil bitches and after a few Rs say “oooh but you wanted to postpone D primaries??? but now you wanna risk R lives??? and Ds will all fall in line.

    1. Yet blue states are the ones destroyed by case numbers. You cnn idiots never look up anything.
      every green state on this map has been destroyed by covid.
      New your 31k deaths
      Oklahoma 364 deaths.
      So guess what happens to ratios when Oklahoma get one extra case compared to New York.

    2. @B Bodziak Its funny the democrats are pretty much giving the election to Trump at this point with the countless bullshit they are pulling, I LOVE IT.

    3. Your klan is the first in line. Dropping like flies. And you have biden… Bahahahahahahhjaashabahahhhbaha

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