Covid Deaths Burden Funeral Homes | Mandatory Vaccination | Oxygen Crisis

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    1. Very curious events in that first wave in NYC and the UK in care homes. Some are calling it the Midazolam wave. Produces the same symptoms as covid. 2 years supply used up inside 6 weeks.

  1. What is difficult to watch in this? When people a take pictures of dead people even children whether by gun shots, stab, burn or dog bites and a send it around that is difficult to watch. All not I don’t see watch you show that is difficult to watch.

    1. A fear dem a drive ina people like we no use to death bodies, a longtime people a death and we all have to go one day

    2. I don’t understand why you take the death bodies if you don’t have resources look how much Funeral home in Jamaica and you’ll are acting like there is not enough space for 1000 Corona bodies what you all getting out of this madness trying to drive fear into people to take the jab that is not even working against the virus, look how much people that is fully vaccinated still get the virus and die so i don’t understand what is happening with you all…

    3. @Apple Jean It’s just fear they are trying to put in people, but in the Bible it says 365 times fear not one for each day of the year. So fear not.

    1. @Fluent_In_Finance Why don’t you take the vaccine and you will see what comes next.
      I’m tired of seeing people crying that their love ones die after taking it or fall I’ll all of a sudden.

  2. If the funeral homes buried the dead you would not have a problem. You have crisis and then you have created ones. Being this incompetent surrly will take us into poverty and make the rich richer by design.

  3. Why would you listen to a brain doctor talking about his opinion on viruses? makes no sense you would go to him about your foot so why trust his opinion on viruses and vaccination .if he studied virology then I would care .

    1. 😂 telling you people now trusted in man so much they just blind fallowing the blind to their calamity, people best repent and get back to the commands of the living Almighty YAH

    1. What would be the point. So they protest. Let them. They are the ones who will live with the consequences when they get Covid. How is showing it benefiting others?

    1. @Simon John You see what I’m talking about!! just pure vaccine,vaccine, vaccine What about the herb’s to heal the nation? Where are the weeping nation? We needs to weep before God Almighty asking him to heal our land, He is waiting and ready to the job, but we all have to surrender it all to him.blessings my people.

    2. @Ruthel Barrett There has never been a successful vaccine against coronaviruses, that’s why people should question this one produced in under a year and it’s supposed to be “safe and effective” – they lie. All the animals died in the trials, because it cause the immune system to become defective. We are talking genocide and the people denying medication that works should stand trial.

  4. Jesus have mercy what is going on? People need to take thing more seriously! Jesus please help 🙏🙏🤔

  5. don’t listen to these liars the actors in the cold room give it away if anybody is dying its the ones who took the Jim jones juice.

    1. Nehemiah you not easy I have to laugh,anyone dying are the ones who took the what? Jim Jones Juice!! that’s three J’s right there.turn it around you get 666. Blessings.

  6. Jesus Christ is the only way let us follow Him He loves us all so much that He died for us… I love you all brothers and sisters and I want everyone soul to be save.

    1. And you sit in his seat,as if you or anyone else can do any better,the world needs Jesus Christ He’s the only way

    1. Because there were no murders on the island. The media has stopped the murder propaganda now. Covid gets more views.

    2. @D Smith lol covid is a business yes so it has to be promoted to sell the product are I should say for people to take it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Only 4% of the Ja’can population is vaccinated so how can they be the ones spreading the virus & dying? We’re knowledge challenged as a ppl.

  8. Close the border from travelers for the rest of the year Mr Andrew Holness smh why is this so hard to do other countries do it so why can’t the government of Jamaica do this too I can’t seem to get it😡😭

  9. Taking advantage of this Covid situation to scare people again a whole heep get shot to.. a Andrew fi pay fi the people them funeral

  10. What is the purpose of the opposition party??? So worthless, they oppose nothing, agrees with everything from the ruling party. I am convinced they don’t know their role. At this point Ja only has one party, Jamaica Liad Party

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