Covid Delta Surge: 'There's Going To Be A Lot Of Death' 1

Covid Delta Surge: ‘There’s Going To Be A Lot Of Death’

MSNBC Health Expert Dr. Kavita Patel is warning that there will unfortunately be a lot of deaths in states where Covid is surging among the unvaccinated from the Delta variant.
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    1. Not like that’s never been done. Americans let’s pre-existing conditions endanger the lives and livelihoods of their own people for decades and that included children as well. Hardly news for America

    2. @Georg Huppertz in Indonesia they have been reporting 100 children dying for 7 consecutive weeks, delta is serious, the next one will be worse – time to get it together and stop it in it’s tracks before a worse mutation arises

    3. That’s right, lick up that vomit, and vomit it up for your mindless little minions to lap up. Mmmm, isn’t it yummy…!

    1. @Tre Flips 21 but US Republican politicians are intentionally preplanned spreading the premeditated pandemic virus variants against helpless USA populations nationwide and on public transportation–just like killer key treacherous treason Trump-pence–etc autocracy intentionally spreading preplanned pandemic virus variants biological genocide against repulsive rallies,traitorous US government law enforcement agencies(ie:almost 900 US secret service agents),etc.

    2. @Sherod Williams You shouldn’t find it odd at all. The democrats and their allies, the msm, consider DeSantis a threat and will be relentlessly attacking him from now on

    3. @Mr. Listener not if kids and teachers and other staff–are vaccinated as needed and properly vacccinated between time spaces,wear facemasks,staff and teachers–enforce spacing in class and halls.

    4. @Razian Amira If you’re just going to make up lies you should really try to make them more believable

  1. Get the vaccine or send it to countries dying for it eg. India, Africa, South America, Philippines, Australia

    1. Where is warp speed on therapeutics? Why would we want to vaxx 35,000,000 plus who’s immune system best the V? Remember they are the only ones that can donate convelensant plasma. They are the cure.

  2. why cant health insurers require everyone they cover to have the vaccine? sure would save THEM potential $$$

    1. @Uncle Joe Are you insane? Do you have zero notion of how a for-profit healthcare system operates!?!? They WANT you to get sick, hello!?!?!? Anybody home in America anymore?!?!

    2. @Kevin Turner catching it without dying or hospitalization is the point. You will catch it just like the flu shot does lt prevent the flu but you are likely to died from it.

  3. Why would anyone go to Florida while it’s a disease center? Why take the kids to Disney World and Epcot when the attitude is so cavalier towards Covid? Nevermind the mandates. Just stay out of Florida

    1. @Ruthie Cole Oh Ruthie, the problem is that you are a compassionate human being who cares about others and who has commonsense. The people who refuse to get vaccinated or refuse to wear a mask are just selfish and self-centered and therefore are incapable of caring about the damage they do with their callous and irresponsible behavior. I, like you, remember how grateful every American was when the polio vaccine became available. I can remember my parents taking myself and my sisters to get vaccinated against polio and there wasn’t any BS about not trusting the medical experts. Everyone understood the value of getting vaccinated and rushed to protect themselves and their children from the ravages of polio. Sadly, there are a lot of ill-informed people who are placing their trust in the wrong messengers and may forfeit their life because of their decision!

    2. @Caseys Card Collection As good as the vaccines are they are NOT 100% effective and therefore it is commonsense to wear a mask whenever you are in a situation with heightened risk such as in close quarters, with large crowds, or indoors with people who you have no idea of whether or not they are vaccinated. Floridians are going to suffer the consequences of the actions of Governor DeSantis unless they look out for themselves by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask anytime they leave their home.

    3. @Ruthie Cole Why would you need another shot, you can’t remember they told you the vaccine would save you? What happens when the next shot doesn’t save you either? Get a 3rd, 4th, 5th?? Maybe you should just get a continues IV drip?

    1. @Ugly German Truths You’re wrong, look at the numbers again. New York has a higher vaccination rate than Florida by about 8%. But look at the elderly population vaccination rates. Florida leads New York, why? Because Desantis targeted the most vulnerable to the disease. I find it odd that you would say Florida is trying to vaccinate the least amount possible when Desantis was visiting and doing news conferences at vaccination sites throughout Florida. That’s why there’s so many clips of national reporters challenging him.

    2. @bearlytraincot last I checked, Delta is COVID. I remember the last wave too, Florida led and states followed.

    3. @Sherod Williams yes, I know but delta is a variant of Covid 19. I’m asking you if you are talking about prevaccination stats when you are saying so many Blue States have more deaths or if you are talking after March?

    4. @bearlytraincot Who cares, New York vaccination rate is almost 8% higher. But the same percentage with elderly. Just remember, these are the same headlines that we’ve seen 3 other times. Florida has a higher vaccination rate than 29 other states. Why no talk of them? Ask yourself that.

    1. No, your thinking of Governor Cuomo. You know, the one that placed all those covid positive patients in nursing homes and killed thousands. If I remember correctly, they even found some rotting bodies being stored in the backs of un-refrigerated trucks.

  4. When are you going to tell us about the lambda variant which is spreading in Peru and resistant to vaccine?

    1. @thechariotcard And what will you do if there is no solution except wearing masks, isolating and doing what we did before the vaccines?

    2. @thechariotcard I saw it on CNN. The CDC was talking about how they were afraid it was vaccine resistant.

    3. @Julie Ring We lost against Delta. Delta swept across and brought India to its knees in early 2021. THATS when we should have been preparing for it. Dealing with lambda and further is dealing with now.

    1. You mean your perfectly ok with covid infested illegals crossing the southern border by the 100s of thousands, but the Florida border needs to be secured?? HYPOCRITE!!

    2. @MrWideballs I know seriously. First he claims they’re all vaccinated (implying they are safe), and then admits everyone is getting sick?

  5. The Darwin Awards are about to be announced in Sturgis, SD. Nature always finds a way to eliminate the idiots and the ignorant.

    1. @bantumwt My apologies, I’m not actually arguing, just giving different figures. My source is US coronavirus worldometer, I’m not sure what their date feeds are but they are usually reliable. It occurred to me after I’d replied that the current deaths actually relate to infections form 2 – 3 weeks ago so the death rate looks even worse. On that basis 750 deaths for Aug 6th relate to about 30,000 cases which is serious, about 2.5%. I am not certain what to make of that.

      I have no opinion on the border issue, that’s political and I’m not American. I agree with you that covid is still mostly affecting old/sick people but it seems to be spreading it’s net worryingly. When it first emerged in the UK I thought (being 68) thank goodness it’s not like the 1918 flu.

    2. Adapt and over come. Strong will survive. So wish death on ppl all you want. 99% chance you’ll still have to deal with us. Now that’s awkward

    3. Per the CDC for COVID: 0-19 years old survival rate = 99.997%. 20-49 years old survival rate = 99.98%. 50-69 years old survival rate = 99.5% . 70 years old or older survival rate = 94.6%.

    1. *News Flash* Obama tells Biden: “I want my old suit back!” Biden says: “Who the heck is Obama..?”

    1. 1-2 months for a modest amount of deaths from the rally. 3-4 to catch the bulk of them. Then the clock starts ticking on wills. Depending upon the state the timeline can vary quite a bit.

    2. Motorcycles about to be sold pennies on the dollar to pay for whatever medical bills they’re hot with.

  6. GOP should write a book, it should be called, “How not to handle a Pandemic”. It would sell millions!

    1. Harry Gearhart – Memory issues? What state came out of the last surge WAY ahead of others (the nanny states who locked down too long etc.)? Yell it out when you know. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    2. Such a strange statement, as it was the Republicans, mainly President Trump that enabled companies to bypass government protocols, so that they could roll out your precious “vaccine”(you know, the one your all foaming at the mouth to get) in record time. I guess the Democrat book would be titled, “How To Fool The World Without Blinking an Eye.”

  7. Those who can, get vaccinated to protect your loved ones not just yourself, and help build herd immunity that protects the vulnerable and children. As for the rest, time for natural selection to take its course!

  8. Two things about Delta is that it transmits so quickly and develops it viral load so fast, that the Sturgis degenerates are likely to fill up South Dakota hospitals before they leave the state. Kristie Gnome hath asked and so shall she receive.

    1. How do you know this, when there is absolutely no way to test for this so called “variant,” which by the way, hasn’t even been studied, just named. Doesn’t sound too scientific to me.

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