COVID: Expert predicts ‘massive eighth wave’ in Ontario


    1. Like Kerien Moore who sits on the phzier board and uses his position as Ontario’s chief medical officer to push the wax for his employer.

    2. Hospitals funding is linked to its needs. Everything including covid cases can effect that. More covid means more money.

    1. Keep in mind that Doctors and nurses (these experts are often Doctors) have been working overtime for two years and our hospitals are still deferring or canceling much needed elective procedures just to take in COVID patients.

    2. @JAYROCK What facts? That there has always been cold and flu waves in the fall? During winter? Spring? And summer colds?

  1. Another expert? I guess the others weren’t credible, so they are trying this guy out. They really need to “Let it Go, Let it Go”

  2. I can’t believe they are still flogging this. Who still falls for this garbage? Live your life. Eat healthy, get exercise, take your vitamins .

  3. And when the ‘massive’ 8th wave turns out to be nothing significant, is this ‘expert’ going to be held accountable? How ‘bout this? Make your prediction mr. expert but if you’re wrong, you will submit to a public flogging live-streamed for all to view if they so choose. I wonder if he would still agree to go on the record with the same prediction.

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