Covid Experts Send Message To Floridians Amid DeSantis Disinformation 1

Covid Experts Send Message To Floridians Amid DeSantis Disinformation

Dr. Uché Blackstock tells Lawrence O'Donnell that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' disinformation about Covid-19 is "unconscionable" and "dangerous.” Laurie Garrett says politicians, like Ron DeSantis, are "trying to wash their hands from problems they should be embracing full-on to protect their constituencies."
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    1. @Rachel ya God for bid people take individual responsibility in there lives right? Need that government money that forced them to shut down business to begin with, except for corporate America right? Oh ya and almost all those states were run by democrats that forced business to close. I don’t think the government has mine or your best interests in mind ever. But pretend Biden cares if it helps.

    2. @Radicaleyes he invented the mnra are you Talking about? I bet you think we evolved from apes, and dead dinosaurs are oil, and in 1969 we sent an aluminum tube to the moon, through the van Allen radiation belt as well. What a joke your mind must be.

  1. Perhaps we shouldn’t interfere with natural selection. Imagine a future without “Florida man” stories

    1. gotta admit when covid first hit our shores I thought the housing market was going to open up. So many deaths yet so little available housing.

    2. @Princess B you have unregulated capitalism to thank for that. More and more often, homes are being bought as investments. So between that and home builders being discouraged from building cheaper housing, housing cost arnt gonna be dropping any time soon

    3. @Censorship Is real Confirmed cases were actually closer to 35M, but you’re right, expecting everyone to die is not realistic. It will however modify opinions in the state. Trump won Florida in 2020 by 3 points, but what does that margin look like today? What will it look like in a year during the gubernatorial and house elections? Even that 1% can make a big difference. You could see the families of those people changing parties or dying off unable to vote. Their friends and extended family may do the same. Where on the chain does the change stop, or even start? Will the recent anti-mask policies in schools be considered a step too far against our children, or is it necessary for DeSantis to stay relevant. We’ll just have to wait and see how Florida votes, but I won’t hold my breath.

  2. DJT said dead people voted in the 2020 Election, proven false by the way. But this dude wants to see if actual dead people will vote for him……….

  3. Because of DeSantis’s reckless lunacy he’s now backed himself into a corner. Now, with cases rising so fast in Florida, he has a choice – he can either make the right decision to protect the lives of Floridians for whom he has a duty of care or he can stick to his lethal and loaded guns to save face.

    Tough luck Floridians, looks like his face is more important to him than your lives.

    Meanwhile DeSantis legs it too Utah – perhaps Cancun was full. But, oh dear, the transmission rate in Utah is high. Maybe he’s hoping to contract the virus to bring it back to “we’ll have no protection here” Florida. Maybe he thinks a high death rate is essential to become a Trump style president. And let’s not forget all the visitors to Florida who could then spread the virus when they return home.

    Looks like, because of homicidal maniacs like DeSantis, we’ll still be trying to fight CIVUD when other first world countries have got it under control enough to get back to whatever normal will be after a pandemic. In other words, the citizens of other countries will get to exercise their rights & freedoms whilst we can only bleat that “they” are trying to take them away.

  4. According to desantis, the more deaths from covid in his state, means more people are exercising their freedom to choose.

    1. And today’s sponsor is Cooovid .. brought to you by the Republican party .. nobody does COOOOOVID like a republican… it’s better to be red and dead than vaxxed .. Republicans.. the party that once said don’t tread on me now says don’t tread on my grave. Don’t forget to pick up your COOOOVID at your next Republican event.

      * available in red states*
      ** only partially available in special areas of blue states**
      Ask your GOP rep where you can pick up covid today
      Not sold out in Fla..Delta variant available for a limited time

      Paid for the IDIOTS to elect tRump
      Who probably agrees with this message
      *** long term side effects include- lung issue, heart issues, mental issues, being unable to enjoy life, inability to work, inability to pay rent or support family, inabilty to pay huge medical bills, inability to obtain health ins due to pre existing condition (oh snap Obama took care of that) and EEEEERRRRECTTTTTILE dysfunction resulting in fewer Republican voters finally making America great****

    2. It is ironic that the party the works so hard to deny Women the right to choose, is now fighting for the right to choose for parents.

    3. @John Chamberlain if you can’t then wear your mask because apparently that stops the transmission of the virus, I heard Erin burnett on CNN say that earlier

    1. Lol if you only knew, basically every product you see on a store shelf at your corporate supermarket is ran by people SOoo much worse.

    1. meanwhile he Won’t release allocated federal/PUBLIC funds to assist renters, nor expand nor backup Any health medical Public Paid systems…
      tramp did not pay taxes We Did

    2. DeSantis was happy enough to accept help from Biden when that Condo collapsed. Now he’s talking trash.

    3. Tell me one good thing that this party has done for this country just one good thing that Biden’s done I’ve asked about three of you Democrats and nobody ever answers I said 300 it talk to text

  5. We have individual rights in the US. We also own the consequences of those decisions – given that everyone that wants a vaccine (for the most part) have had the opportunity to get the vaccine, those that are not vaccinated should bear the complete financial responsibility for the outcomes. Hospital and Dr. Care costs should be totally owned by those making these decisions. Stop coddling those that don’t want the vaccine.

  6. Unvaccinated are out of their minds. We need to keep each other safe. Our children , elderly and compromised.
    Worse variants waiting. Thank you Medical profession

    1. Why? The vaccine doesn’t fight against the delta variant and its not even approved by the FDA. So why should I stick that into my body?

  7. Do we really need to tell these people what to do to prevent getting and spreading this thing? It’s only been a year and a half. Get the shots you SIMPLETONS!

  8. DeSAntis is posing as a pre president. He should spend a week in the ICU unit of his local hospital .

  9. In a country where everyone sues everyone else for nonsensical things, why is nobody suing these utterly dangerous and inept politicians?

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