Covid Patients Jam Mississippi Hospitals | MSNBC 1

Covid Patients Jam Mississippi Hospitals | MSNBC


Dr. Catherine O'Neal, chief medical officer for Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center, talks with Rachel Maddow about the unprecedented strain the latest surge in Covid patients in putting on the Mississippi medical system and why more vaccinations in a hurry is the only thing that will stem the flow of new patients. 

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  1. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.

    1. @RANCOROUS SLOPPY JOE & HOE ! Trump is dumbest President ever. Remember he said there would be suicides by the thousands during the Pandemic but it never happened.

  2. I don’t how people can take a pandemic so lightly, complaining and going against health experts has landed a lot in hospitals. Take precaution, and get vaccinated.

    1. P X: Here’s why: 1) 11% of the population has been infected; 2) 0.2% of the population has died; 3) That seems like a small number, even though it translates to 660,000, which is where we almost certainly really are, compared to the official figures. In any case, we will soon be there; 3) At this point, most everyone should know someone who has tested positive, but very few people know someone who has died; 4) anti-vaxxers don’t care about people getting sick. They are happy to make other people sick. They don’t care about 660,000 dying, as long as it isn’t themselves or someone they love; at that point some of them have an epiphany — thanks heaps; late is not necessarily any better than never; 5) they completely ignore “long-haul” COVID complications; 6) if the percentage of Americans who die reaches the same level as the 1918-1919 flu, 2,200,000 unnecessary deaths will have occurred from COVID-related illnesses, plus whatever number of people die from not being treated in a timely manner for other potentially fatal conditions because there are no beds for them. This too they don’t care about. That’s how they can take it lightly. I’ll leave it up to other people to choose an adjective for those Americans who treat their fellow Americans in this way, so they can live their own lives more conveniently and entertainingly. P X’s message about taking precautions, even more precautions than are necessary, is spot on. Why should it be necessary for anyone to make this point? I listen to lots of MLB radio broadcasts, and there are multiple PSA’s per game about obeying the speed limit when driving. How stupid have Americans become? Why should anyone need it pounded into their heads that obeying the speed limit saves lives? I mean, do I need to walk up to every person on the street and say, “Now, remember what your mother told you about not running out between parked cars without looking both ways?” Has nearly half the nation and more than half in states like LA grown up completely devoid of common sense? Do people have to be reminded to wear oven mitts when they take a roast chicken out of the oven? I mean, refusing to get vaccinated and wear a mask is similar to the kind of thing a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease would do, and argue vehemently with their caregiver over.

    2. @Manda.Bean.1 : Oh, look? She’s following me round MSM to repeatedly say, “TDS,” like a 9 year old. Why do you trump trolls come to MSM which you hate, to whine about what you hate, to people that you hate? Karens never know they’re Karens, do they? Why do I always feel like I’m Simon Cowel dealing with someone who just doesn’t get that we’ve all heard it a million times before? Thanks, love. Not tonight, Josephine

    3. @Bryan Trump is history he could never get elected he is killing off his voters and to many Republicans, myself included. I have morals and will not stand for his bs.

    4. @Gnirol Namlerf I couldn’t agree with you more. 99.89% is all they ever say. That’s how callous some Americans has shown themselves to be. I know it’s horrible thing. Sometimes God, let things happen to see where the humans heart lies. He’s given us every gift under the sun, yet some refuse the help because they’re so blinded by arrogance. And sadly that’s where the fall begins. Smh

  3. Your Republican elected officials (State or Federal) don’t give a crap about you. Time to change your leadership. Mask and vaccinations could have reduced the hospitalized people by 97%.

    1. Delusional anti-science selfish cowards. Let them be.
      They are too weak to accept reality and adapt.
      Let evolution follow its course. We don’t need MAGAs.

    2. @Bryan Oh my god, this is fcuking halarious. It is republicans who are ending up in the hospital and dying. Their children will die from this. You are literally laughing at your own people dying. Can’t get more ironic than this. hahahhahahahahaah

  4. I’m being brutally honest. The people you leave behind are those who should be vaccinated, but aren’t because of choice. I’d take a vaccinated cancer patient needing a tumor removed over a purposely unvaccinated Covid patient any day. At least the cancer patient wants to live.

    1. Exactly my sentiments too, as a nurse…I’d prefer to treat a patient who wants to preserve his life!

    2. @Daniel Arcadia Are you OK? Your post makes no sense. Perhaps you should consult a doctor as you may have had a stroke. The absence of syntax and reasoning suggests that your frontal lobe may have lacked oxygen – please go to the ER ASAP.

  5. I admire the self-control of patients with non-covid-related medical problems when they find anti-vaxxers occupying the hospital beds that they need.

    1. @Bryan NOT TRUE…coming from a nurse who works in a hospital with covid patients!!! Mostly are young…18-40 yrs old, unvaccinated! They’re dying too! a diif kind of covid variant this delta!

    2. @Bryan the unvaccinated are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized for covid than vaccinated people

    3. @Bryan that is one outbreak, an outlier. Overall, you are far more likely to be hospitalized from covid if you don;t have your vaccine

    4. @Tom Armstrong Yeah, personally..deep inside I’d like to kick their shins, and scream ” don’t waste my time”, GTFOH! I wished I could do that… but I just take a deep breath, sigh… and put on my PEEP!

  6. One solution? make an announcement, that from sept the 1st, only vaccinated patients and personnel are allowed in hospitals. Maybe one exception for medical cases who for some genuine reason cannot be vaccinated, The rest send them to Mar A Lago, or to (mr) Tuckers home. Paul Rand might have some spare rooms for covid patients. You’ll see the numbers drop fast.

    1. @Bryan the unvaccinated are clogging up the hospitals. They are more than 10 times as likely to be hospitalized than a vaccinated person, and 200 times more likely to die of covid than a vaccinated person

  7. Jamming hospitals or fast-food restaurants, has Mississippi ever done anything where it helped America?
    Mississippi, on welfare since 1865, but proud.

    1. @Muddy Water No we see him from a long way away which is the best way. Watching the gullible follow him is hilarious.

    2. What is the source of the generational poverty that afflicts much of the South? Simple, slavery. Of course, the slaves themselves were the biggest victims. But if the plantation owners hadn’t been able to have slaves, they would have had to pay somebody to do that work, like all y’alls great-grandparents.

  8. Hospital should not treat those anti Vacciners. Let them suffer thru at home or die. The lives of ordinary patients with othet illness should be saved!

    1. @Sandi Harris

      Do you have any children spare? My family of lefties is hungry and we’ve eaten most if not all our supply of babies over here.

    2. Key factors from the CDC / Massachusetts Health Dept. study: Large group gatherings; densely packed bars and venues; apparent lack of mask use; Delta variant. Contact tracing determined people from 22 states came down w/ covid after traveling to events in Barnstable County.

    3. @Anthony Ellis Âû You know, I think the opposite. Each time a ‘Bryan’ makes a claim that is so easily and publicly discredited, he or she shows an undecided person just how they are being deliberately misled. If one person reads this thread, decides ‘Bryan’ is talking out of his a*s, then goes and gets vaccinated, I’m all for it.

  9. That Doctor is pretty cool. She expresses herself clearly, has a genuine warmth, and is easy to listen to.

    1. Antivaxxers will not trust the FDA, CDC, or WHO.
      They will not trust Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical, or Mayo Clinic.
      But they will trust some random Facebook conspiracy theorist.
      I just don’t know what can be done with people like that..

    2. @wyganter Wait, wasn’t that supposed to happen yesterday? Awww muffin, did wee little trump get lost on his way to reinstatement…whahhahhha

    3. @wyganter I thought Trump was suppose to be reinstated yesterday?! LMAO! Now it’s 9/11? Next it will be Christmas! Bunch of cult fools that can’t face reality.

    4. I thought she was on the verge of tears.
      From what she’s described, I bet she’s shed bucketsful in the past year

    1. I worry for my parents, both 90 years old and vaccinated. It would tear me apart to have one of them being turned away from a hospital or cannot get an ambulance because some arrogant know it all, who refused vaccination is taking up an ICU bed. Sorry but yeah, we need to set priorities. Kids and elderly vaccinated are #1.

    1. There has never been anything for the public good in the United States that Republicans have not been against, niothing.

  10. If it becomes a matter of rationing availability to beds, priority is owed to vaccinated patients. Treat responsible citizens first.

  11. To address the problem of overcrowding in hospitals one solution could be to set up field hospitals using military personnel to staff them. Only those who have chosen to not be vaccinated could be treated in these field hospitals whereas responsible individuals who did get vaccinated good use the regular hospital facilities. Vaccinated will not be as critically ill probably won’t need an ICU bed or to be ventilated and we’ll have a very short stay. My reason for feeling this way is twofold the tax bill and increased insurance premiums. Are going to come about for having to pay the hospitals for the extreme care that these unvaccinated people require. Those who chose to not get vaccinated have put people such as myself who are immune compromised and much greater risk for getting sick, and other people I know who have health concerns are staying home they are not enjoying being able to go out to a restaurant or maybe a concert or even a movie because he’s thoughtless people want to put our lives at risk. I’m not saying that appeal hospital will not be able to provide adequate care because they certainly will and they are trained to deal with crises, but they’re not going to be in that nice little room with a pretty blankets and pictures hanging on the walls possibly gourmet meals being served all the benefits you get when you are able to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Hunting these super needy patients to a field hospital freeze up the treatment of people with conditions such as heart attacks stroke aneurysms car accidents shooting victims the list is endless,they deserve to receive the best treatment possible from medical professionals who are exhausted from caring for ignorant self-righteous individuals who have a million and one excuses for not having been vaccinated.

    1. If we really have to take care of them because we are a civilized society, we should set up specific Covid camps away from our places of healing. Staff them with flat earthers, crystal healers, snake handlers & unmasked fellow anti-vaxxers. Give them all the silver solution, horse de-wormer (Ivermectin) & Hydroxychloroquine they want & wish them luck & godspeed.

      Sane, reasonable, vaccinated people are having to forego life saving medical treatment because the ICUs are overflowing in low vax areas & beds are full of anti-vaxxers. If they don’t trust doctors on vaccination advice, they shouldn’t go to them when they’re sick. They should get some essential oils & call their preacher to pray over them at home.

      Anti-vaxxers are just lucky I’m not in healthcare. I’d let nature take it’s course to free up the bed for someone more deserving

  12. Feels like the governor is still waiting to see how bad it will get before intervening. I couldn’t sit through the entirety of his press conference.

  13. And when you put ICU patients in the care of nurses who are not ICU nurses, you’re going to have increased mortality and morbidly. That’s just a fact. ICU is a specialty for a reason; it takes months of training and even more time get truly confident. Just like in my field of Labor and Delivery, you can’t just plug someone in without increasing risk; there’s just too much to learn in a short time. We always do our best, but that’s the reality.

    1. Nancy,
      Well said. We can’t just pull specialized/experienced staff out of thin air. And, we are burning out the trained/experienced ones at all levels. I’m not usually an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, but listen to his sound bite regarding the vaccine.

  14. This is just freaking insane, if everyone wants to go to restaurants, sport events, theme parks, or whatever, but at the same time a lot of the crackheads refuse getting vaccine and wearing

  15. Thanks to all the GOP governors, especially from Florida, Texas etc…Oh…don’t forget those Senators and Rep. who saw tourists “visiting” the Capitol on the 6th of Jan. The Fox’s 3 stooges also should be “praised” for spreading lies about the vaccine being forced down people’s throats.

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