Covid Protocols Double Standard | Female Gang Members | Woman Set on Fire in Jamaica 1

Covid Protocols Double Standard | Female Gang Members | Woman Set on Fire in Jamaica


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  1. The government is putting restrictions on local people but they won’t put pressure on foreigners when they come out here because the hotels are private sector owned

    1. You know how much stuff we have to go through before we can come to Jamaica….and when we get there….stop talking about things you know nothing at all.

  2. You let in tourist and expect them to keep mask on them face then lock down the country then you wont get US and Sterling currency but i guess you cant do without the foreign currency poor politician

  3. Jamaica please REPENT now, because JESUS is COMING. You can’t live in sin that grace may abound… Flee from sins of fornication and immoralities, adultery, malice, lies, gossip, murder, stealing, worldliness, etc, REPENT before it too late… JESUS a cum!!

  4. The government take away poor people right and is taking away form us what we don’t have

    1. Charge them for what … tourist not leaving the compound they are staying on the ground so mi no know what you talking about…

  5. Double standard is everywhere in Jamaica. Law only exist to suppress poor people. I went to dine at a waterfront restaurant. At 8 PM I saw people still partying and no police was shutting it down. I was rushing home yet the rich folks who were dining had no concern about the time.

    1. Recently TVJ post a video about the taxi operators in regards to them paying $10.000 or 10 days in jail. And one of our very own was debating how we the people ought to wear masks and comply with the protocols. Yet the many breaches that continues to take place on all Hotel properties. I hope one final day the Most High dismantle this oppressive force that rules over us African-Jamaicans.

    2. Same with me.
      Went to a popular place “uptown”
      And when I was heading home people coming in.
      It’s like an apartment.
      But has a popular spot.
      There wasn’t space to park

  6. The covid19 law should be abided by all….tourists or not!!
    We want to get back to a semi normal life because covid is not going anywhere for now, so we have to take care ALWAYS!!

  7. Mr Wright has set the tone for the standard of abusing women. It was bad before but now it has gotten worst. Mr PM what are you doing in terms of implementing strong punishments for these abusers?

  8. Them most fine that man and do him the same make him feel the pain the lady feel the heart of men get so cold against women why

  9. This is getting pretty serious, and I hope that they have no leniency, for those gangster ladies. The laws must come down on them really hard too. Police Officers, slap dem wey too.

  10. The government should lift the curfews and enforce a mask mandate.. this will allow the society to be able to conduct their duties and feel less stressed, with the double constraints of mask and curfew..

  11. The person who owns the sunken boat is either a cop or a politician in power. Why I concluded that is simplycbcauz the investigation is going no-where. When a regular person does that, their names are made public immediately.

  12. The man wicked nu ratid…him full a envy..he is envious of the girl and her business. Some people are too grudful.

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