Covid Surge Among Unvaccinated Is Putting Kids At Risk 1

Covid Surge Among Unvaccinated Is Putting Kids At Risk


As politicians debate mask mandates in schools, Dr. Ebony Hilton with the University of Virginia's School of Medicine joins to discuss the risk from unvaccinated adults to kids as the pandemic continues.

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    1. @blackandbluesmurf Doesn’t surprise me you consider a baby a virus. Guess that’s why its so easy for you people to justify murder.

    2. Just found out they’re harvesting organs from 42-month-old fetuses in the United States. What a country.

    3. And pay attention dummies, a year ago you all still said it was a conspiracy that Margaret Sanger and pp were meantvto eradicate blacks, now it’s admitted and you were just closed mindedly covering for a eugenics operation all along. Just t like how a year ago it was banned to say covid came from a lab now basically admitted, next it’ll be vaxed are causing mutations like delta and most sick are vaccinated worldwide, every other country admits most new cases are vaxed, Isreal Iceland Singapore Gibraltar Australia, all 90% vaxed tons of new cases, huge new surge and mutations coinciding with the vax release, and you pretend you can’t see it. Why?

    4. Someone keeps deleting the fact gates mom ran IBM which was used for Holocaust and dad ran pp when they admitted their purpose was to eradicate blacks. Why would you hide that, it’s easily verifiable, censoring that is supporting eugenics you’re pure evil for censoring that information

    1. With major outbreaks in places like Gibraltar where 99% are vaccinated, it’s impossible for it to be caused by unvaccinated people, especially when know to stay away from those spike protein shedders.

    2. @DAVID I definitely been keeping my distance and masking up since people really started getting vaccinated don’t really care about the crazy looks … axxin =del it can’t get more obvious … The look at places that were doing trails last year that had their variables

  1. This is exactly all the new Americans crossing the southern border should be vaccinated immediately.

    1. No, the government wants them to infiltrate and cause more cases and maybe even deaths, so as to promulgate their agenda.

    1. ​@Gary LeBlanc It’s not a conspiracy theory moron. This playbook comes from basic history…

      Now, people are being fired from decade long jobs, just for exercising their right to refuse a vaccine. People are being removed from the military and government contractors are losing half of their entire workforce, thanks to this bs. Restaurants and salons are being forced to violate ADA rights and “ask for papers” every time a person enters their establishment.

      No. Tyranny preys on YOUR cowardice. As long as you continue to blindly support government, we will freefall into the very trap history clearly proves is inevitable for any civilized society: Despotism.

      Even the founders knew the country was doomed to fail, like every other before. This is why we have the 2nd amendment.

    2. @Mark Mywords Whatever you need to believe so as to not take the shot just remember COVID DONT CARE. Your argument is with COVID not me. Hundreds of thousands of US citizens have died from COVID. Since June 1st 99.2% of the deaths have been unvaccinated. They all had their reason for not getting vaccinated, COVID DONT CARE. The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated rages on.

    3. @Mark Mywords You don’t have a right to avoid vaccination, Jacobson v Massachusetts, so they are just being jerks.

    4. @Gary LeBlanc Lol those numbers are such bs. Over 70% of all new cases are from vaccinated people… so either dying from covid is insanely rare unvaccinated or not, or your numbers are total bs (which they are)

    5. @Deborah Freedman It’s your right to privacy. Jacobsen v Mass was in regard to smallpox, a virus with a 30% death rate.

      Even if the virus was a 100% death rate, it’s still an unconstitutional precedent. You’re literally asking for people to invest in gain of function in order to control the world.

  2. Say hello to the new lambda variant that was just confirmed in Japan- it may be resistant to vaccines

    1. Imagine getting a vaccine for HIV and then later testing positive for it. I think the narrative would be a little different

  3. Antivaxxers have the right to refuse the vaccine and to wear masks.
    They DO NOT have the right to put other peoples lives in danger.

  4. Last year kids went back to school DESPITE THE FACT that we were under a pandemic. Why is this year any different?

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