Covid ‘Surge Response Team’ Activated As Missouri Battles Delta Variant

Rachel Maddow reports on the surge in Covid cases in southern Missouri where hospitals are pleading for staffing help to keep up with the wave of new patients, and notes that federal surge response teams mark the first implementation of a Biden strategy for controlling the spread of the virus among the unvaccinated. 

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Covid 'Surge Response Team' Activated As Missouri Battles Delta Variant


    1. @Dennie Saunders thank you for making my point.
      Your just a GOPQ sheep not one that thinks no less thinks for them self.

    2. The situation is directly related to the war on science and facts, it totally confuses people (who are probably deservedly) not trusting the Government. This is the first time in our history that a virus has been politicized, and has caused untold numbers of people to die that didn’t have to die.

    3. @Thomas So you don’t know. All you can do is type things you wouldn’t have the balls to say face to face you coward.

    4. @David M you clearly do not realize that is not how chemistry works. At all.

    5. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-Enable Science doesn’t use microscopes? Are you related to Forest Gump?🤣

    1. Look at it this was no vaccine by trumps sheeps the USA QI will go up>>> How many of the dead are trump sheeps??????

    2. Dear Msn and The lies within system that that claims we have any type of freedom or freedom of speech while you Delete Comments that State the facts as to what you are committing against the beings in America
      I will be praying for as long as i can for the system and your understanding of being kind and not causing serious harm to others until you can stop

      If not We will be there besides you if there is an afterlife to confess to the semirs that havs been acted against innocent beings due to Selfish and dekciw Needs to Stay alive to keep the illusion of power that you seem to hold

      Will be praying for you next to the gates of A life after this lleh of a world
      Along with the beings that s due to your a

  1. who knew…
    the Dunning-Kruger effect…
    could be so deadly…
    willful ignorance kills folks…

    1. Good thing it does, otherwise the stupid would outnumber us in no time

    2. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-EnableNature has a way to balance that. They’re multiplying faster 😫

    3. Worse yet are the people like this news repeater who dispense medical advice without a license.

  2. This is starting to be a national security issue, please feel free to allocate the cans at my headquarters for immediate deployment around all red light district in HOT zones!

    1. @N W
      Actually. The comment is Sarcasm for you Anti-Vax Clowns.
      …seems to be working even better than the Vaccine 🤤

  3. Didn’t Jared Kurshnet say COVID affects mainly blue states? It appears he might have been misinformed.

    BTW, I live in Ontario where more than 50% of adults, including me, are fully vaccinated and 78.7% have had 1 dose. I guess this is why the hospitals here are shutting down the COVID wards for lack of business.

    1. @Joselito My parents grew up at a time, prior to WW2, when many people, including children, died from infectious diseases that we rarely hear about now. The reason we don’t hear about them is they have been beaten down with vaccines. When I was a kid, the big scares were polio and TB. I was vaccinated for both and may have been in one of the first cohorts for the polio vaccine. I also recall an older kid in my school who was confined to a wheelchair with polio. I also recall the “iron lungs” which were used to keep people with polio alive, as they couldn’t breath on their own. Thanks to vaccines, polio has been almost eradicated.

    2. @James Knott another poster made the claim that polio et al no longer exist, so why do we keep getting vaccines? I had to explain (and I don’t think it sunk in) that the ONLY reason such diseases are controlled is BECAUSE of constant vaccinations. The only infectious agent humanity has ever been able to completely control is smallpox, everything else is still out there and still occasionally rearing it’s head.

    3. Good point. Same here in the Maritimes. Although, if Trudeau opens the border too soon(I can see Maine, from my livingroom window) we may have a resurgence. Many refuse to wear masks, and have not been vaccinated. Worries me. Greetings from NB.

    4. @My opinions are secretly facts Sadly people are dumb and aren’t interested in history. So they repeat deadly mistakes that would have been easily avoided. It isn’t that difficult to look how brutal for example smallpox was and what a wonder and achievement the 180 year vaccination campaign that eradicated it was for humanity. Some reading on the Black Death in the middle ages is all that it takes to see that social distancing and quarantine are nothing new to humanity. But still we have no end of people that round around and celebrate their own refusal to educate themselves with basic history knowledge.

    5. I think initially, it was hitting blue states harder because they typically have a more condensed population. Imagine being in New York, on single building holding thousands of people on top of one another VS a rural area where the closest neighbor is a mile away

  4. I live just South of Springfield and it was hard to tell there was ever a virus here in the rural communities especially. Most here are stupid Trumpers even after 1/6 so I say don’t take them in at the hospitals let em fight it on their own they don’t care about anyone but themselves and Trump ,Let God sort em out!

    1. yep.
      let nature cull the herd of the stupid and mentally stunted, just like the good old days.

    2. @espn2829a Having a vaccine in time that your entire state doesn’t die sounds pretty fn caring to me. 🤔

    1. @Fenyx Grew up in that denomination, as a matter of fact. It is a creed-less religion, susceptible to cons and hucksters. The effect is a kind of damage to rational thought.

    2. @Gordon Schneemann So you’re saying that whiteness is a mental condition? Well, if your avatar is a picture of you, I’ve got bad news for you lol.

    3. @Gordon Schneemann I grew up in it as well. On top of that, I actually spent three years in full time missions “ministry” within that denomination, and was one class away from becoming a “certified” AoG minister on my way to ordainment (certified < licensed < ordained). Then I woke up to reality, thankfully. That three year period spent in full time service to a cult-like mentality is still one of the biggest regrets of my life. It does give me a bit of empathy for those still stuck in it, though. I understand how people can come to think that way. I just wish more would wake up.

    1. I live in Missouri and an in Healthcare. I’m shocked at the number of people, including loved ones, who won’t get vaccinated just because. No real reason. Can’t tell you why, they’re just thinking and praying on it. I just hope they never end up thinking and praying in ICU…..

    1. The Spanish flu took over 2 years before it disappeared. Through vaccination or illness, there has to be created enough immunity for the virus to disappear
      They think in this case it needs 80% of the population to be immune

  5. As I see it, A person has 2 choices 1. Live or 2. Die. Living takes courage. Getting out of bed and challenging the things that I want to do, To die takes not courage. Just deny help and do it on your own because you believe in a LIE. I have been challenged with death. What is “your excuse”?

    1. You are a puppet with no original thought. It takes no courage to always do what your told and never question authority.

    1. The ACTUAL Republican mantra: “I’m NOT getting mine, and if I get sick it’s caused by a ‘liberal conspiracy’!

  6. My town took some San Francisco cases. San Francisco simply has too many people for a perfect epidemic response. They’re back in the saddle, and we are opening everything including libraries and senior centers. Parts of the country that think libraries and senior centers are for liberals are not impressed. I just hope they don’t send us their extra COVID cases.

  7. My doctor said even though I have the vaccine she told me to just keep your mask on that’s what my doctor told me

  8. “A new test of our national ability to respond to covid’ ????? Rachel, are you delusional? There is no ‘national ability’ to respond. The GOP has ensured that this will be the case…. send in the vaccinated rescue teams and ship infected victims across the state(s)…. it doesn’t appear that we can learn the simplest of lessons. WTF

  9. Line up for your 3rd shot baby!!!
    Pfizer admitted their vaccine efficacy is waning against the Delta variant. 🤦‍♂️

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