COVID Testing Czar Adm. Brett Giroir: ‘Nobody’s Declaring Victory.’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Who should we believe? Medical professionals such as this? Or a man who stared at an Eclipse? 🤪

    1. When I need medical advice, I always seek out a condo salesman turned politician. It’s just common sense.

    2. He’s an Admiral. Appointed Admiral by the well known draft dodger, Trump.
      He was a member of the Texas Task Force for Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response. We all see how well that went.

  2. THIS IS HURTING ALL AMERICANS. republicans VOTE Mitch Out and Democrats VOTE Democrats IN Only Because They Want To Help Us Through This Pandemic

    1. @Ou812 what exactly is the Republican plan? Bet you can’t explain it as they don’t have one

    2. @Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy The plan for EVERYTHING Trump has is just a rehash of “But Her Emailzzzzz!!!!!”


  3. Trump flu could have been handled much better if Donald wasn’t so obsessed with dismantling everything President Obama had in place… like the pandemic response team

  4. Selfishness is what caused this…not wearing masks, making a health crisis political………what a frickin mess………..

    1. What, you’d rather your parents and grandparents not die rather than supporting your Fearless Fuchsia Fuhrer? What are you, some kind of Pinko Communist? ;o)

    2. @Frank Winkhorst do you understand english?………….I am saying that most of america STARTING WITH THE BABY BOOMERS (which I am one) ARE SELFISH, and that they gave birth to the second generation of even MORE SELFISH PEOPLE, that now we have a society that is all about ME ME ME ME ME ME……….Trump is a symptom of that on FULL PSYCHO DISPLAY……..and now he’s the problem…….

    1. You don’t seem to realize that your democracy has already gone. It’s over. Finished. I see the media still holding out hope that Trump will change his “tone” even after all the evidence shows him incapable of doing so.
      The USA is heading into another civil war, or total fascism.
      My guess is the latter.

  5. This nation must remember these dark days we are now living under his Trumpwellian administration. Not to remember Bone Spur Bunker Boy the “person”. But to honor the 146,750 who have died (at the time of this posting) during this Corona Virus Pandemic do to his lack of action, actions and his lack of foresight. To remember the 45+ million people who are out of work do to his lack of leadership or his inability to be Empathetic or feel any Empathy to anyone but himself. The philosopher George Santayana said. “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it”. Let us all remember these dark time and learn from it correctly, so whenever or if ever his name is mention or spoken it will be heard and seen with Distain and Disgrace as a dark spot in this great nations history Never to be repeated.

  6. Admiral testing Czar? PPE? Pence said two weeks ago “we have hundreds of millions of PPE in our stock”. Why are hospitals still short? I want a good explanation for this. Is this how you win?

    1. Broken Heart the money mongers are controlling our economy. As soon as they knew the needs of the people all the PPE etc was bought up and sold to the highest bidder. They had States biding against each other, awful.

    1. Well even that may not be enough to save us.. This guy cant even admit to losing a golf game. He’s not gonna just roll over n leave office cause the polls show he lost fair n square.. He will jump up n down n pound his lil orange ape fists and cry that it was rigged.

  7. I am waiting for the day that one of these guys breaks into tears, covers his face with his hands, and starts wailing, “I can’t take this anymore! If you think the president says weird things in public, you should hear what he says when we’re alone with him in his office!”

  8. May 11
    Trump: We’ve prevailed!

    July 23
    Trump’s lackey: Nobody’s declaring victory

    Situation: FUBAR is the new normal

    1. Muttley Hey Muttley! It’s hard to take someone serious thats posting under this name. Grow up!!

    2. @Muttley e haven’t been able to get mass or respirators for quite some time now because the federal government wants to keep them so they can sell them back to the company so the companies can auction them off to the states what a great President we have oh boy is he good. Makes you just want to shoot him. Trump is going to let this run out as long as he can he’s going to stall and stall install until the election just so he can call it off. And think that he’s going to be president next year because the elections were called off. He only ran for four years that’s all they get if there’s no election, did Trump’s done after 4 years he’s not president in 2021. Pelosi will be president she’s the only one that can take over because there’s no election because of trump. how many people are going to die between now and November because of trump?!
      So, Ivanka Trump gained 23 trademarks in China including coffins plus voting machines, Jared Kushner used the White House to find debt loaners for himself, and both made $320 million while “working” in daddy Trump’s administration, but Joe Biden’s son Hunter is the problem? Sure.

  9. Trump: America has risen to the task, we have met the moment and we have prevailed.
    Covid-19: lol.

  10. McCarthy’s scapegoating ‘chy-na’ for this ‘administrations’ failed response and is all of a sudden worried about debt on our grandchildren (which wasn’t a concern when we borrowed all that money from’chy-na’ to give the uber-rich a ‘tax cut’). This guy and his lip service. Trump and Pence did declare victory, multiple times.

    1. In Taiwan where my family live they are so close to CHINA. They controlled this democratically without even going into lockdown. Everyone wears masks. They have tests, track and trace, quarantine and a sensible and efficient government. In February they offered tests, track and trace technology to the US They warned them about the virus. Trump ignored it. He is responsible. It’s July and they still aren’t wearing masks or have efficient testing.🙄 It’s a crime

    1. that’s just trump leadfin by example…some example right lol…trump and his GOP enablers and his followers are in for one big surprise come NOV…BYE DON 2020!!!

    1. @Ou812
      Didn’t Trump tell you to take a long walk off a short pier?
      Just wondering why you’re here?

  11. “If we nominate tRump, we will get destroyed…and we will deserve it.” Senator Lindsey Graham, 3 May 2016

    1. Now Lindsay Graham golfs with Trump all the time and has something on his chin in pictures!

  12. Quit saying that seniors in nursing homes are “most vulnerable.” It makes it sound like they are the only ones getting it and we all know that it is affecting younger people severely, also. Don’t skew the message. Keep it clear. Thanks.

  13. Says a lot of “We are working on, We’re looking at” – He never actually says WHAT they are doing.

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