COVID vaccine freebies: Your shot can get you donuts, beer and more | USA TODAY 1

COVID vaccine freebies: Your shot can get you donuts, beer and more | USA TODAY


COVID vaccine freebies: Donuts and beer are just some of the perks of getting your shot
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After you get your COVID-19 vaccine, you can get freebies including free doughnuts, beer and more.

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    1. No problem… do what I, and a lot of other folks will be doing.
      Simply download and print any number of fake vaccine cards available and fill it in.
      Present it to these crooked business and get your free on 😉

  1. Man they trying everything to get us to get these sorry not sorry but me an my family still straight an def not getting that lab experiment

    1. Last week the U.S. had 658 Covid related deaths. 3 months ago the one week total was 19,266 deaths. This lab experiment is a success. I hope your family stays safe and does not get it or you will end up hating yourself.

    2. @CharlieXray whats the facts??? people dying from this, u look like u work for the government why would I trust u

    3. @CharlieXray your crazy, don’t lecture me when u don’t even kno what ur taking bout this world has had the option to get vaccinated an we still hear bout deaths people still getting covid after taking your stupid shot an My family ain’t been sick once for ur info

  2. Google “VAERS REPORT” and learn how to operate the site, they’ve been skewing the data which is pretty wrong in my opinion.

  3. These companies are going to get in so so so much legal trouble for this now, it’s perfect.

    1. @Amazing Survival KH It’s basically the seppuku of the scientific community: donuts for injection-drug testing using an economic depression with hunger insurrections.

  4. Holy crap it only takes donuts and beer for me to get my shot. I’m there.

    1. @Mohd Shahzad thank you very much and back to you. I did have to look it up. Pardon my ignorance, but you’ve made me smarter today.

  5. I been had my shot twice so this that I won’t get sick with Covid-19.

    I am not stupid.

    My Uncle had died due to Covid-19.

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  7. If all it takes is a donut to change your mind, you don’t really have critical thinking skills.

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