Covid Vaccines for Sale in Jamaica | TVJ News – Sept 2 2021

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  1. Money for your life! Damn alot of hyenas and crocodiles are in our communities don’t let them have your children and babies!!

  2. Jesus christ go and sell the devil’s in hell who cause this disease upon the land. Let God arise and let the wicked in the land scattered 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. Poor people can hardly find money to buy flour fe with hungry pick ney them to get something fe eat. Uno a go crazy or what a whole bunch a mad people.

    1. Then a suh dem desperate fi get vaccinated. No man…
      Can anyone say what’s the position with china?
      What bothers me is, if the covid virus is a build up of mucus in the lungs and windpipe and wherever, and they say if u do a face steam or inhale hot air it will break down the build up in the lungs, they also say drinking alot of hot fluids break down the mucus. Tell me

    2. Venison Edwards steam with peppermint, Eucalyptus oil, olbas oil or mental crystals in hot water cover with a sheet or blanket inhale and exhale until u feel it in ur lungs, also in the morning get some to knock ur back on both side where ur lungs 🫁 lies to break up mucus. I don’t drink cold drink , I drink tea , if u can read up on chamomile tea, cloves and cumin this get rid of toxin out of ur body and fight viruses also the same nettle that scratches us if we passed near to it, read up on nettle it’s a power house to fight viral infections.

  4. I have supported a lot of the govt initiatives…but THIS is not right! What about the poor that cannot afford it..also, last i checked its suppose to be FREE!!!!Smh🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Ruby it’s all about the money but they are all going to pay for exploiting the poor as the PM so called them. As the scripture stated the wealth of the wicked stored up for the righteous , Proverbs 13:22

  5. Private doctor’s office and pharmacies should also open during the lockdown because they are essential businesses and not everyone goes to hospital especially in these covid19 times!

    1. My doctor is open over lockdown but it’s no good because not one pharmacy within 30 minutes of me was open! It’s insane.

  6. Employers have no right to choose on anyone’s behalf! Vaccines are not safe. They do not prevent illness, hospitalization and death, as death is inevitable for ALL.

  7. Why at the end of every news u guy got people telling why they take it to convince people 👀 should it be a choice for others to think for themself and not follow the train track ???? So the fear will sell the product now 🤔 ok 🙌 peeps it’s your choice to do whatever you chooses 🙌

  8. Something completely free for sale now in Jamaica, gosh life funny but mi still can’t laugh whenever I say so.

  9. In a previous bc, didn’t he say those who come on board to administer the vaccine would be given somewhat of a stipend…wasn’t that what the minister said? So why are people paying now?

  10. Well I guess 🇯🇲 has made history once more/…they are the only country selling vaccines💉 😱😱😱😱😅😂🤣🥲🥲

  11. This Vaccine is free!! Why the hell the government of Jamaica allowing this?? This is why I should return to my island and run for Prime minister to give Jamaicans a fair and proper development

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