Covid Wards Nearing Capacity at UHWI in Jamaica | TVJ News - August 3 2021 1

Covid Wards Nearing Capacity at UHWI in Jamaica | TVJ News – August 3 2021

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  1. Be safe, over 300 new patients, in one day at a Hospital in Connecticut . Wear your mask, 6 feet apart protect yourself and your family .

    1. Carlos u see it too these sheeps don’t have any mind of their own very sad think for yourself for once and see that this covid is a plan to control Us if unu alive unu go see that Time it will be too late

    2. @Brandon Denver check the facts b4 opening ur mouth and whn I saw facts I mean wht uve researched for yourself and not wht the media told u

  2. i can bet you that for most of the new cases of COVID-19 is the people who are cursing the PM and not paying attention to the protocol

    1. What protocol a cloth mask that protect you from nothing…? Where Is your brain???? Are you for real I’m sure no regular wearing a biohazard mask????

    2. Just think logically…..u open up the country because its ur bday and anniversary the push the numbers up then go bk to 8pm curfew how dumb can u be to see tht

    3. @carlos green they fail to see that all this Is leading up to One thing Total control of people 24 hrs surveillance no privacy no freedom sickness and More money for the Big boys a cloth mask can’t stop anyone from getting covid yet they made it mandatory know why to make people sick and when people sick who benefit???? who sells medication???? Once most of the population get vaccinated then they will make mandatory why you think they want people to take vaccines so much????? The minority won’t have any choice when the majority gets it next up digital currency financial privacy ends here then RFID chips fully connected to The internet under the disguise that it makes things easier then when The majority take it then it’s mandatory this Time no one will be able to hide from The system at this point people will have little or no Will power by will be like sheep to the slaughter Gene And DNA altering vaccine will cause and when the mark of the beast comes into effect they have total control this is how they will be able to stop those who don’t accept mark of the beast from buying or selling Satan time is almost him busy

  3. 90% & 75% full, what does that mean? capacity 10 and have 9 or capacity 100 and have 90 give us real numbers please

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