1. why haven’t the parents of the massacred children at Uvalde filed a class action lawsuit against the city and police department of Uvalde? that may be the only way they can get truth.

    1. My Democratic city had a school shooting. Our SRO went right for the shooter. He saved a lot of lives. Look it up, “Great Mills High School in Maryland”, March 2018. School resource officer Blaine Gaskill responded to the scene in less than a minute, the sheriff said. Jamie Raskin, of J6 committee, is one of our congressmen. I love my city and I love my state.

    2. Because the way the law is written protects police. They aren’t under any obligation to act, which is insane.

    3. They should replace “protect and serve” with “overarmed, untrained and unaccountable”.

  2. This is just sickening to how these officers just let children and adults die when they had opportunity to take out the gunman.

    1. @Jetmir Metaliaj If you’re not being sarcastic, how does Biden bear any responsibility?

    2. @lissa Rodrigues families did try to go in and were detained by police, some were handcuffed and restrained on the ground

    1. Their cowardice showed both in the hallway, and in the way they covered up their failures.

    2. @Kitty Kate This happened on Abbott’s watch. Remember how proud he was to sign all those bills making Texas a gun sanctuary state?! Thanks Abbott. These families deserved so much more.

    3. @girl from the bronx by way of el barrio if the teaching staff was armed it would not have went down like it did in Uvalde.

    1. @Jack Sloane If you expect an answer post your comment on the thread. I wonder why you don’t want others to read your statement.

    1. Because the magical gun told republicans that it was their new deity, and that nobody should stop guns from spreading into every facet of American life.

  3. Remember this name: Peter Arredondo. He’s the chief of police who ordered to stand down while the gunner commits his massacre. He’s a synonym of shame, a synonym of cowardice

  4. This is heartbreaking and infuriating. My heart goes out to all the families of the innocent victims of this senseless crime and the cowardly response by those who should have protected them. May God be with you during this very difficult time.

    1. @Edward Squirrell If they do something that requires recognition, they will get it. We must know and see their face.

    2. @🔥Lago di Fuoco🔥  yeah I mean guns when I say elephant in the room
      But I don’t think the news should name them or show a picture of them either

  5. I’m disgusted with the Uvalde police dept. and so saddened for the families who have lost a loved one.

    1. If it was a dinner bell ringing instead of a assault rifle firing everyone of those cops would be Johnny on the spot .

    2. I don’t think you understand how powerful an AR-15 is those kids where BLOWN apart by the time those cops arrived just being realistic with you 😞😔

    3. Be mad all you want. Per the law and high court rulings they have no obligation to run in during an shooting or any other emergency

  6. So hearbreaking. Just devastating. Total failure on the part of the officers, but beyond that, the issue is that a disturbed 18 year old has such easy access to get a miltary style large capacity people-killing weapon. It’s complete insanity that we’re now stuck in a new reality of virtually daily gun atrocities when we know there’s a way to reduce them.

    1. Thank the soft district attorneys that allow juvenile crime records to clear at age 18. There seems to be a pattern here of young men usually below age 21 doing these crimes. If juvenile records carried over into adulthood and reported nationally to a law enforcement database then maybe the info would be available to refuse the gun purchase. It’s common practice all over the US to clear juvenile records at 18.

  7. The fact that they were that close and hearing those gunshots and to still play dumb that they thought it was a barricaded suspect and not an active shooter? Really?

  8. Angeli Gomez, the mother who rushed into the school and saved her two kids, along with multiple other kids, should be appointed as the new Police Chief of the Uvalde Police Department. She single-handedly saved more lives than the entire Police Department that day.
    She ran towards the sounds of gunfire, with no weapon, and no body armor.
    Semper Fi….

  9. Absolutely no accountability. The fact they don’t have the dignity to resign is appalling.

  10. As someone who has worked as a school custodian I can say with confidence that had any one of them there, had they been asked about that classroom door could have told the police that the door locks from the outside but was likely unlocked. Simply amazing that nobody there even thought to check the door. How do these cops manage to live with themselves?

    1. Looking like you do you really are in no position to leave comments like you’re some kind of badass. You obviously don’t know your place Steve.

    2. How would teachers and students have known that the door didn’t lock when it was suppose to do so automatically?
      How many people check the automatic door to their workplace when they enter the building?
      I don’t and I don’t know of anyone who does. You open the door and enter, and when the door closes, you assume that it’s lock. You don’t stop and check it to make sure it’s lock.
      If the door didn’t close, it would’ve been noticed right away, but a door that closes but doesn’t lock is different.

      Every building has a maintenance staff who fix broken toilets, air conditioners/heaters etc., and that person is responsible for repairs.
      Forty percent of the school budget went to school safety, yet no one was responsible for checking to make sure the school was secure?
      Where was the resource officer who was supposed to have patrolled the inside and outside of the building making sure that the school was secure?

      I have to assume that money appropriated for the school budget went into the pockets of town officials.

  11. My heart is broken for every one of these people. Unspeakable horror. The police failed these citizens and the children. I’m in full agreement with the grievance

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