CRA union president: ‘I’m a bit disappointed’ in the deal from Ottawa

Marc Briere, President of the Union of Taxation Employees, says the tentative deal is 'a compromise', but is better than the previous deal.

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  1. Hes got those vaxed eyes. That vacant look, like no one is home. Seems to be the same with most federal workers.

  2. Everyone wants their wages adjusted by inflation…They just don’t want others to get it

    1. @Stewart D anyone getting wage increase will add to inflation but wage inflation is a very small part of overall inflation. When inflation goes high but wages remain stagnant that’s how you crush the middle class and cripple the economy

    1. The govt instructed them to send blindly for expediency. You forgot to mention the families in need who also received their CERB

  3. So when do seniors under 75 get a raise as well as seniors deserve inflation rate adjustment! We have to eat and pay our bills as well but the only difference is that we’re to old to work so where do we get more money?

    1. @amandeep Singh it’s the seniors who built this country and paid plenty! But it’s ok to hand over tons of money to immigrants? Sorry but your reply doesn’t do justice

    2. @Jumbo Me it’s not about saving it’s about we all deserve inflation rate adjustment pay so why not seniors?

    3. @Jumbo Me you’re right, but now with the Fed’s giving this raise other unionized workers especially public service both fed and provincial will be holding the taxpayers hostage. Then go ahead and complain about your taxes!!

  4. Who cares about CRA employees? Those employees are responsible for clawing away hard-working Canadians. Let them suffer. No sympathy here.

  5. Pierre Poilievre for prime minister!
    Vote conservative! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ’™πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  6. Make union dues optional in Ontario’s public sector – Right to Work legislation 😊

  7. Great, now my CRA neighbour Kumar can get back to doing what he does best while supposedly focusing on remote work. Namely “lurking” around the neighbour’s properties and “ratting” them out to Bi-Law enforcement as a public service…

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