Cracked Concrete: Sidewalks vs Streets | TVJ News – Feb 14 2022


  1. This story took a deep detour….I thought is was about the sidewalks and roads being obstructed by illegal vending . Then it just turned illegal parking and illegal dumping and the disability act. Now be honest out of all three hindrances which would cause the most hindrance to pedestrians especially the disabled? I think most person would say illegal vending. This story is misleading to say the least. Pull up your socks TVJ.

  2. A sidewalk is for pedestrians not illegal activities. No further discussion required. Legitimate businesses pay taxes. Maybe the government should create special shopping zones with appropriate environmental protection. But clear out the sidewalk.

  3. This is one of many infrastructure challenges that the government of Jamaica has failed to address.
    It is extremely difficult for those who are handicapped to get around while trying to avoid these potential hazards.

  4. How about demolishing those old buildings and reconstruct modern infrastructure, provide a section for Vendors, Taxis & Pedestrians?

  5. For a few years now there has been a gaping hole in the sidewalk on the small strip between Constant Spring Rd. and Red Hills Rd. (at Eastwood Park Rd). It is large enough to swallow a human. The Ministry of Justice is nearby but nothing has been done about it. Don’t you dare walk there while looking down at your phone!

  6. Those with sight unable to see what those who are blind are able to see. Authorities without vision or concern for those differently able.

  7. All me know them tek over the side walk. And if you ever stop on them things them wa kill you. I tell u ppl not easy. But just pray🙏🏼🙇🏽‍♀️📖

  8. Wow. Disgusting. The government agency responsible for repairing the sidewalk need to do their work and the mps need to advocate for their constituents

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