'Crazy': Pence Excoriated For Giving Trump A Pass On MAGA Riot 1

‘Crazy’: Pence Excoriated For Giving Trump A Pass On MAGA Riot


After a violent mob chanted “hang Mike Pence” during the insurrection that took place at the Capitol on Jan. 6, Mike Pence has spoken out about the riot, saying that Trump deserves praise for his leadership. His comments come amid a new push from progressives telling Biden to stop waiting for the GOP to act as a conventional negotiating partner. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Kind of funny how Pence said he and traitor boy didn’t see eye to eye on Jan.6th…But then again, it’s hard to look someone in the eye when they have you bent over a bar stool….lol

  2. “I just had people from the Country Hills screaming Hang Mike Pence” “No biggie happens to everyone”

    1. @Eric Staples please, Eric Staples, stop by reality for a moment and explain to us exactly what you mean!

    1. @Pew pew McPewface Who said I hate him? He’s done wonders for the world of comedy. Also “he clearly reigns over your thoughts” is just you projecting your own adoration of the Orange Man Bad on to me. Give it up already.

  3. He makes me sick. And I don’t believe he’s spoken to Trump many times since he left office.

    1. @Greg Valdivieso Let me guess, you watch Fox. Did you put bleach in your orange juice when tRump told you to? Was it when tRump called the military “losers and suckers” that won you over? If you’re a comedian, don’t lose your day job…….

    2. @Greg Valdivieso
      And you’re supporting a corrupt traitor, one who latches onto any Looney Tune character who tells him what he wants to hear, i.e. the incredible Melting Rudy Giuliani, the My Pillow Guy, General Sedition aka Flinn, and the Crazy Kraken Queen Powell!!! DT is never going to be reinstated in August or reelected in 2024!

      The Republican party has gone off the deep end: the amount of all Americans who currently identify Republican is only about 25%, and out of that 25%, only 44% of them support the DT more than they support the Republican Party! What the aforementioned information means is, if the GQP continues pushing the Big Lie and QAnon conspiracies, because that’s what excites the Trumpists, then they’re increasingly turning off traditional conservatives and right-leaning independents, they’re making the GOP weaker, not stronger!

      Democrats, Independents and now disenchanted traditional Republicans far outnumber the voting maga base, and even with the Republican war on democracy, excessive gerrymandering, and all the voter suppression bills being passed by power whoring GQP, the American majority, WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC CALLED THE USA, we will not allow a fascist authoritarian wannabe into or back into our White House—PERIOD!!!

    3. @Greg Valdivieso yeah, the guy who won and brought back 2 million jobs of the millions trump lost

    4. @Kryptonarie 63 Seems to me you’ve gone off the deep end, I would say seek help but it’s too late.

  4. I wonder if he wishes they had got their hands on him…he’d be out of his misery…
    actually I don’t care….all of them deserve everything that’s coming to them

    1. @Dr. Who Gives’af …no before he was just afraid of getting dirty or catching covid…

  5. He’s deluding himself that he can run for president .. The whole bunch are delusional. They have completely and collectively lost their minds.

  6. Trump literally just blamed Pence again two weeks ago for no doing what he wanted on January 6th

    1. Yes; it is held by its short and curlies…and must schmooze the Scoodje of drumpf….ya know the psychotic poser drumpf-“KOFF”.

    1. Pence is a GOP member.
      The GOP hasn’t been Republican for years.
      If you’re older than twelve, you should know this, since the deliberate slide away from Republican values happened right out in the open.
      Mike *is* a self-serving, delusional stooge, not a Republican.
      The facts are odd and disappointing enough, but they need to be stated plainly.
      Thank you for your time.

  7. Instead of starting a new party the GOP is letting the cancer take over the organism and become its own John Carpenter’s “The Thing”.

  8. I used to think that American politicians had dignity. It’s sad to see Mike Pence still being scared of Trump even when he’s no longer his VP.

  9. I been saying pence was a brown noser. Even having his life threatened while his hero sat and did nothing to stop it won’t stop the demonic loyalty. Simply disgusting!!!!!

  10. No Eugene, people have seen that kind of loyalty: Just take at look at Germany 1933 to 1945.

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