Creator Of Term ‘Critical Race Theory’ Kimberlé Crenshaw Explains What It Really Is 1

Creator Of Term ‘Critical Race Theory’ Kimberlé Crenshaw Explains What It Really Is


‘Critical Race Theory’ is explained as neither Marxist nor racist by its leading scholar, Kimberlé Crenshaw, who co-developed this framework of study, and coined this term.
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    1. @D. San By telling white people and other people they are privileged while telling Black people that they are oppressed. By lying about systemic racism. If America is racist, why are Asians the most successful people in America?

    2. @Nikhil Newse Critical Race Theory teaches why America is divided by race so we dont do the same actions again.

    3. The only true race on planet earth is the STEM race
      Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Everything else is just skin deep.

  1. the problem with Rufo’s idea about freezing the Dems into a toxic brand, the same thing is happening to the GOP brand… a thin layer of society make money off this, politicians, their consultants, the media, and the very well off, keeping people at angry at each other is a distraction from their common proplems

  2. Well at least they have a STRATEGIC PLAN! Hearing someone say they’re a Democratic strategist, is like telling me you train unicorns on unicycles.

  3. OK here’s an alternative way to explain it. Intelligent loving caring empathetic, rational people think like this. It’s the whiners, give me’s, YOU owe it to me i blame YOU mentality here on exhibit….clearly IDENITY POLITICS.

  4. I came here for one reason and that was to see if race would come up. Well, within the first sentence it came up. I’m out! Peace.

    1. thought there would be a difficult time realizing the stupidest comment. but seeing that the segment was titled, critical race theory, the search ends with your incredibly idiotic belief you’ve said something special, not!!

  5. Centuries after the emancipation? My wife immigrated from central america and is now a doctor in just 10 years.

    1. Great this is about history and we also need a thorough understanding of Latinos. John Leguizamo has an incredible show…check it out if you haven’t.

  6. This is like “defund the police” or “They want your hamburgers ” only worse. Call it History.

    1. I don’t see how teaching kids that they are inherently evil if they are white, has anything to do with history.

    2. @Leonardo Montalvo not what this is about. It’s including the Americans who were minimized in our education
      Did you know Tubman was a great navigator? Neither did I.
      Did you know some slaves bought their freedom. How? They were trappers selling furs to the NYC markets.
      Who knew?
      This is a direction that’s good.
      Learning truth that’s what it’s about.

    3. @EmilyB Bernard Yes, but the problem that people have is teaching white kids that they are evil. You guys play this game of ignoring that aspect of Critical Race Theory, when people who oppose that, notice what you are doing.

  7. I heard discussion of what CRT is not and how it is being attacked. I did not hear very much discussion of what it actually is, as the title of the video suggests.

  8. Critical Race Theory is also a way to distract attention and responsibility of events like Greenwood not to mention the 25+ race based massacre that happened in this country!

  9. Golda Meir said “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”
    Same here. Start taking care of your children, give them families. Then they’ll live great lives.

  10. Yep, it’s just racism, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that one. And, no, trying to cover it with psuedo intellectulism doesn’t work. Harvard is not what it used to be, defintely not producing the best or brightest anymore.

  11. There’s an “Introduction to American Politics” curriculum throughout the entire nation’s education system, from pre-K to 20th grade (probably not required until senior year of highschool, of course). You know, just in case anyone misses out.

  12. quit trying to make
    CRT” a thing. And despite what you SAY it is, no parent wants some lefty 25 year-old teacher with a pony-tail teaching THEIR children with their liberal agenda and spin.

    1. I would bc my child deserves to know the truth, y’all say it’s a Liberal agenda when it’s just the hard sad truth created by this nation

  13. The media’s mistake was pinning opposition to CRT exclusively to GOP/Republicans/etc and saying it’s a denial of history.
    If the dying media truly thinks it’s audience is that simple and easily categorized, then congrats! You’re now speeding up the realization of all parties, races, etc.

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