Crime Concerns in Gregory Park | TVJ News - August 15 2021 1

Crime Concerns in Gregory Park | TVJ News – August 15 2021


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  1. All this foolishness can stop if the politicians allowed the police to do there jobs.
    Live over winning elections.and get rid of these zinc fence too .

  2. Yeah I love there buts its stressful all down to di Pinckney dem a cry oh lord make God be with them

  3. That place want to bull doze dung a pure criminal deh a gregory park a the butter fish gun man dem a dem same boy deh him did guh fa fi bad up raymond pryce a them a terrorise the place terylong tongue set a bad boy fish them .

  4. Give the young people choice so they don’t have chose crime. And address the mental illness can’t you see they’re mentally ill !!! Me and you don’t kill people because we are mentally ill person!!

  5. Yow gregory park , the Politicians will not help you these 87s will be allowed kill you at will. Over the years these 87s has been allowed to kill us at will, my advice move out and save yourself and family. When I used to live in Jamaica my family move as the war started because the Politicians use these 87s to win elections so they will not help you.

  6. A da Japanese boy deh a cause de war,,dutyy politicians brings de gun,,a jus because dem know de youths dem dumb intellectual,,a turn dem attention away from wa dem a do to de people dem inna de country,,but the guns soon tun back pon dem

  7. Help SAVE THESE YOUTHS MOST HIGH GOD. serpent is oppressing them. Mercy LORD GOD. THIS I ASK IN YOUR NAME. AMON.

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