Crime Contagious Like the Flu | Jamaica’s Covid Rate Skyrockets | TVJ Midday News – Jan 14 2022

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  1. What government going to do about crime in Jamaica when they used politics to cripple the police force and the Jamaica Defense Force. They put their people to be in charge and they don’t know nothing about the Job they were given. Most crime fighters in the forces were put aside and they get frustrated and leave the Jobs. They are under paid and feel the the government don’t care about them.

  2. It is time the government level the playing field to the law-abiding citizens can have access to firearms and not just their own security jdf and jcf personnel do that and crime cut by 50%

  3. All this infections is due to the visitors in the island during the Christmas season.
    This is also puzzling. No one was allowed to enter without a negative report. Is the Omicron variant in Jamaica. I am curious to know if these heartless demons from hell will be allowed to walk after the police confront them.

    1. @kate mThat’s what it’s meant to be. Unable to answer because they got what they deserved. As long as they’re the culprits.

    2. @Bb Hjh we want to know who ordered the death and why.Very important to know what happened. The police can then just kill any one and tell Jamaica that the murderers are dead.We want them alive.We don’t just want to kill some people.We want those who are responsible.

  4. it’s a shame on the government in Jamaica…I’m so happy that my kids not there growing up in Jamaica. πŸ™

    1. The police are the ones who is selling and issuing the guns…
      Counter intuitive..
      The day you go to the police and tell them who has the gun and point out the wrong doers that same day some rotten eggs” in the force go tell the gun men who’s informing and before Ice melted ” that same day the gunmen kick off your door and murder you and your relatives..
      The best bet is get out of stinking ‘ Jamaica…

    2. As a returning resident living in Mobay, it has nothing to do with the government, it’s about the people…

    3. It’s a shame that teachers choose to abandon Jamaica in
      search of money.
      I think they should 🀐
      their opinion on matters concerning
      Jamaica should be

      Disloyalty – Not good.

      Your country need your professional uplifting.
      Teachers, Nurses, Carers and Health workers even Doctors have the same outcry in the UK.same crisis.
      Administration always
      take the biggest slice
      of the cake. Very unfair!
      Wealth does not guarantee Health or happiness.

      Running away and leaving others to struggle is not the answer.

    4. I hope that when the struggle is over in Jamaica, you will never
      ever return.
      JAH says, Cowards or people who have contempt of the Kingdom will not get in;
      So should Jamaica do
      to those that abandon
      May JAH help us to
      remember our Ancestors.
      We can build Jamaica.
      We all have our duty
      let us fall in and do our


  5. Tougher law need to be implemented too much talking need action now it’s not 🚫 even a month in the new year and so much death β˜ οΈπŸ’€β˜ οΈ this is grazy !!!!!

  6. Crime is a consequence . We need to zero in on the causes of crime and address them .. Things like 1. Poverty 2. Poor or no parenting (kids are having kids) 3. I know I’m gonna get clawed for this but yes the nasty noise we call music in Jamaica that constantly vividly describe and glorify criminal activities and even witchcraft (nasty!!!) 4. Socialization 5. Degradation of Spiritual Values (fear of God) etc. I believe if we wanted to fix these we could . Until we address the causes of crime then we will just be hauling droves of disillusioned young men into police vehicles and hope they get charged when the matters get to courts. And if they even get charged ? What will a prison cell do to repair the damages already done ? Nothing !!!

  7. Brothers and sisters are we too blind to see again I am watching and listening all now I don’t here any one said we need Almighty God help all I am hearing how government and how police is going to curb crime wake up serious serious wake up is prayer time Almighty God YAHWEH our father answers prayers and less we repent repent from our wickedness God is not blind and he’s not deaf and his hands is not short JAMAICA wake up okay God help us

  8. When the students excel the Government and Minister of Education stick their chest out and boast about the excellent service that teachers perform, but when it comes to paying the teachers, Government officials get amnesia.

  9. Anyone who questions the number of hours teachers spend on the teaching profession is living in the dark ages. Teachers are called upon to do many tasks that involve several professions. Officials need to take the Myopia out of their minds.

  10. How about focusing on values for the lives of our fellow people?
    Education should be the biggest priority right now. We are meant to be at 88% literacy, but actions on the ground states otherwise.

  11. I guess someone is one is responsible for the crimes that is going on in Jamaica how the hell the government them just always a talk talk talk and no action think about it guys

  12. Our teachers are humanitarians called to serve humanity. They should be treated with the utmost regard and respect that they deserve. Government needs to pay the teachers properly so this country will grow. The brain drain is heart-rending, I am now wondering what our education sector and the country at large, will look like a few years down the road.

  13. The government don’t rate teachers. Where they going with 4% increase? With the level of inflation that is being experiencing right now, 4% means nothing.

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