Crime Plagues Westmoreland | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Crime Plagues Westmoreland | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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  1. Drones should now be used to patrol all hot spots in jamaica these drones should be equiped with high resosulion cameras if implimented this strategy should help stem the criminal problem in jamaica

  2. Very important topic. Right off the bat, you start with a pastor. The European religion used by our ancestors’ tormentors has never done any good for us, and never will. The pastor mentioned intervention, which likely has some positive effects. Flooding the place with more law enforcement and The military does very little at best. The United States has the same problem with crime caused by the same issues within The Afro descended communities. Democrat Party manipulates descendants of The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade while simultaneously using programs that result in poor income and crime. Jamaica loves to copy U.S. Why not send officials here to study how governments are run? (not democrat regime) What I would suggest for you is get local politicans into your studio or go where they are and interview them about their plans and their failed plans to help these communities. Interview candidates who want to run for local seats or MP about their plans and the details. Also, as a matter of dignity. Why not explore the idea of gun ownership for jamaicans whom are interested in protecting themselves from primate predators? just like in many non Democrat communities in The United States. Of course, a huge safety and ownership responsibility program would have to launch before hand. If your show is aligned with the government , just like the other media, you will never do that.

  3. Only prayer can help we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers there spiritual attacks against our young men

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