"Crippling breathing situation": Canadian Olympic champion hospitalized with COVID-19 1

“Crippling breathing situation”: Canadian Olympic champion hospitalized with COVID-19


31-year-old Canadian Olympic gold medalist Alex Kopacz says he's living proof that no one is immune to COVID-19 as he fights the virus in hospital.

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  1. You guys see the ufc in florida last night? 15,000 seat arena. Full capacity and barely any masks in site.

    1. @boghopper That is not true. You’re spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories as though you are working on commission.

  2. Canada’s government claims they’re trying to stop the spread of covid-19 and yet they let flights in from India for weeks and months even when they knew of the new variant

  3. They failed to mention that this guy had serious pre-existing asthma. The common cold would have been a problem for him.

    1. the eyeliner he is wearing on his upper eyelids helps to nullify the affect of the mask so his lungs can’t even sense that his oxygen levels are compromised

    2. Numerous doctors and nurses have made videos proving wearing a mask does not reduce oxygen levels . One doctor even put 6 masks on at once .

  4. crippling ill or not…at least he had the presence of mind to use eyeliner on his upper eyelids for the tv interview

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