Critics Condemn ‘Unforgivable’ Push To Steal Biden Win For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Critics Condemn 'Unforgivable' Push To Steal Biden Win For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. The hugest crisis and concern every true American should have! How Trump ism has corrupted so many Americans it is shocking!

    1. Yes indeed! My life is very different simply because of politics, people I love but I just cannot have them in my life anymore. I have no time to share with those who have no moral compass, fake patriotism, scandal loving lifestyle. I think our social circles are forever changed and scarred. This one is to big to just shrug off.

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    1. @Ed Rowland do it. I’ve used sources to back up my statements. You haven’t.

      Objectively all politicians lie so tell me something I don’t know dumbfuck

    2. @Ed Rowland Did you even watch the video Ed or are you just inventing up crap. We have testimony that monitors were told to leave at 10:00PM and after they’ve left, the count began. This is totally fraudulent. If you are so confident – let’s do this vote over in all battleground states with legitimate ballots and legal voters. Let the game begin shall we? If Biden wins, then, he wins. But if President Trump smashes the handful of Biden votes, then don’t cry and say it was rigged! There are too many statistical indicators stat point to the impossibility of Biden’s win. If you want to bury your head up your rear end and not face the truth, I can’t help you there bro.

    3. @LWRC When I got my ballot, it had a flaw, I asked if the flaw would mess up my vote for Trump, the lady giggled and said it won’t matter anyway (true-story)

    1. @Unbothered Movement “insider trading, depreciation of assets, etc” isn’t exclusive to Republicans haha. Rich people are of all political affiliations. So voting for higher taxes to dole out to “welfare” programs, many of which we don’t support, is in our best interest?? We might not get it, but neither do you. It’s fundamental belief differences and up until just recently that was ok in America. Stay safe out there bud, best of luck to you 🤙

    2. I think they know they are pretty much toast as a party. These tactics are to try and hold on to power at any costs

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    1. @Steve F please look in your own party first, the obscene verbal abuse and name calling is worse from trump supporters, only have to look at their leader to see where its coming from. Republicans are so hypocritical

  2. To me it sounds like a list of corrupt politicians auditioning for presidential pardons. No wonder Loeffler and Perdue are all for it.

    1. @Paul Brown If you are so confident, let’s do the votes over with VALID ballots and legal voters. Just because you stick your head up your read end doesn’t mean everyone else has to buy into what you see.

    2. It lets US citizens know which house members and state AGs are morally bankrupt and have no integrity. At the very least Biden should not allow those house members on any committees. States should not re-elect them. State governors should replace the AGs.

  3. “I swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States ” that is the oath that all of them took apon taking office. Every one of them took a big crap on it.

    1. @mufflejoy That could be one remedy, I don’t have a crystal ball but the pathway to changing the election is clear, whether it goes that way or not. No clear winner actually! Should be obvious to most folks this is far from over.

    2. @Richard Gipson Trump lost the election, this entire dog & pony show is to grift money off schmucks who think they are buying a lottery ticket (that they can’t afford) to support Trump’s election fund BS, while not getting stimulus.

    3. @Richard Gipson i guess if you perceive the pandemic as a hoax, then there was no need to expand mail in voting to try and mitigate the spread. Even if you disagree, some of the states in question had rules changed by Republicans. The changes you are concerned about were part of an effort to allow us to vote with less risk and took place well in advance of the election. Nothing was skewed in anyone’s favor by these changes. The more people that vote, the more representative the outcome is of the entire population. Trump’s attorneys have stated over and over again in court that there were no allegations of fraud. Because you don’t like the outcome you would rather disenfranchise millions of your fellow citizens rather than try to win more votes in four years? Seems like making any excuse to overturn results that don’t suit you is more important to you than the 7 million more americans that voted for biden. We used to call that crap un american.

    1. @Thomas Strider Always stay watchful and ready to fight for your liberty/democracy. Never take a moment for granted

    2. @Thomas Strider It means you have to work for it. You wanna be free? you gotta work for it. want your rights recognized under the constitution? you gotta work for it. Trump and his following are trying to subvert the will of the laws of the constitution, and the people, for a Coup d’ tate

    1. Complaints have already been reported to the BAR! Other state AG’s a list of signatures and rightly so! He should never be able to practice law again! 🙄

    2. @Ergin Artesia I’m sure Trump promised them a cut of the 207 million he collected so far from his supporters. But a promise from Trump means $0 in their pockets. He DOES NOT PAY bills. He owes everybody around the country.

    3. @Yolanda Denny Not just the country, all around the world!! Deutsche Bank alone he owes somewhere between $350 & $400 million to. He had to go outside of the US because no bank here wanted anything to do with him. He’s supposedly in debt for between $950 Million & $1.3 Billion — which is pathetic for someone who’s supposed net worth is $2.5 Billion to be THAT FAR in debt! He’ll need that $207 mil to help with his legal bills once he can no longer hide behind the presidency to avoid prosecution.

    1. @Fred sounds like you don’t have any evidence. Your anger is showing through too. Do you struggle with having civil discussions?

  4. This is the U.S. Are you telling me that nothing can be done to STOP the seditious behavior of Trump and the GOP? UNBELIEVABLE!

    1. Tell me about it. This is ridiculous. At what point do we put an end to this. Why is nobody doing anything?! So frustrating. I’m so disappointed in America, I never thought we would let things like this take place.

    2. If our GOVERNMENT is not careful we thr the PEOPLE will not be able to support it with our hard earned income

  5. Imagine if Obama pulled a stunt like this had he lost. Does anyone think it would go over well for him? This nation is filled to the brim with fascist sympathizers

  6. Oklahoma! I’m ashamed to call you my home state and the governor is a moron. Its utterly disgusting and shameful.

    1. @MrSpeedDemon72 No Trump did not employ dominion to change votes Biden did. No Trump did not want unsecured mail in votes but Biden did. He has proof you just have blinders on. The local courts don’t want to get involved and that is OK cause the supreme court is getting involved and those illegal votes will be thrown out as they should be. No way to tell if they are even citizens or alive that cast those ballots.

    2. @James Miller well your 0-1 with the Supreme Court already. So just like the local courts, you’re still losing.

      Who was the president the last 4 years when these machines were setup in these states? How many of these states are lead by Republican governors during the last 4 years? Tell me how Biden got Republican lead states to install and use these fraud machines? Then tell me why Trump let it happen since he was president while all this was taking place.

      Trump claimed voter fraud back in 2016 when he won. He formed a committee back then to investigate. Two years went by and they found NO PROOF of mass voter fraud and disbanded. Trump’s been in office 4 years now. If he’s so worried about fraudulent elections, why didn’t he do anything about it the last 4 years when Republicans had the Senate?

      Do you not ask yourself these questions, or do you not have the capacity to think logically? I’d love to know how Biden specifically got Republican states to buy and install these machines. Did he hold a gun to their head? I thought Biden was senile and “sleepy Joe”? Now you’re giving him credit for being an election fraud mastermind?

      I think you Trump supporters are so confused you really don’t know what the truth is.

    3. I’m a Texan. Abbot and the Texas government is absolutely pathetic too. I can’t wait to get rid of these traitors

  7. Words cannot say how egregegious all this voter fraud nonsense trying to turn America into a tyrranical dictatorship.

    1. But have you seen all the witness testimonies at state hearings, video evidence in Georgia of voter fraud, Affidavits, Dominion voting system proven fraudulent software activity…

    1. Lithesher Biglene. Obama would have been shot for this & other atrocities trump has gotten
      away with What happened to America you’ve let this bully rule as if he’s Putin & pretty much all
      republicans are on board with this. Can’t believe this not strong America is letting this happen .

    2. They’re not scared their in lock step w him- are you believing this crap. An entire political party is trying to steal an election, and your kindergarten jokes.

    3. Jessica Robinson I don’t think it’s a joke it’s deplorable that more than 70 million trump
      supporters are in step with him too. Disgraceful

    1. @Victor Singery Of course, Soros lived in the concentration camp, saw his family being murdered there, do you really think it would make sense for him to be a Nazi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. @Victor Singery what election fraud. Of you have proof you should really get a hold of dumpy. He needs all the help he can get. 1 term impeached loser.

  8. When this case is dismissed we need to hold them too account. Trying to remove the peoples vote. Try them for treason.

    1. And if ever he was re-elected in 4 years I think that the phrase ” you ain’t seen nothing yet” would be applicable

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