1. @Scott Covert So you prefer the Democrats meekly submitting to the Republicans flagrantly strongarming their way with everything, like with abortion rights.

    2. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe your answer is to out-corrupt Republicans to show them how corrupt they are and that benefits the American people how….?

    3. @Geff Joldblum her family never owned slaves. A person with her relative’s same name of “Harris” did though.

    1. @B. T. because he don’t agree with every thing that liberal support he a republican.
      He represent his State he don’t have to agree with everything

  1. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia…was all over immigration this summer. Yup. Big in this situation! Yup. Otherwise …it’s just difficult on Congress whether Senator Manchin votes …or not. We need new Congress people ..who are from less difficult circumstances. Not so entrenched as Senator Manchin has become apparently in the Senate. Yup!!

  2. A federal holiday only gives government employees the day off. We need a universal voting mandate that requires everyone to vote.

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  4. Many employers don’t recognize federal holidays. It would be a moot point to make it a federal holiday. I have worked on every federal holiday. Better idea would be to have longer hours for the polls to be open until 11 pm for an entire week. The state I live in doesn’t have polls it has drop boxes.

  5. I wouldn’t consider a historically horrible economic crash that we’ve never seen before in history, “flimsy concerns.”

  6. These two character’s Manchin and Krysten Sinema are always throwing a monkey wrench in the bill that comes from their own party so am I missing something?.

    1. Any truly democratically elected party should have a broad specter of opinion. Like you see here with M ans S . Forced to make it clear of they support the bill or not. And if the do, find a common ground with their party majority.

  7. Not true: Moscow Mitch used reconciliation to push the election of at least two judges to the Supreme Court.

  8. That makes total sense to make elections day in the United States a public and bank holiday. It would totally eliminate most voters violations and restrictions by the GOP.

    1. He is probably the best of those who are Democrats from West Virginia. Far right conservative place, apparently. Manchin has been videoed coming out of at least 5 ultra conservative places like the Federalist Society and CPAC. His constant call for bipartisanship when Mitch, McCarthy and most of the Republicans in the Senate are saying quite clearly they refuse to work with Democrats on anything means he’s just there to block any good for Americans.

  9. Almost no American gets off work for Federal Holidays. Restaurants, stores hospitals all have to work on those holidays

  10. The first filibuster in US history was in 1837, made by William R. King (a Democrat), when Whig party member Henry Clay proposed a national bank.

  11. Stop trashing Manchin and make your argument. He’s the reason Democrats have a slim majority and can pass anything in the first place.

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