1. It was a disgrace, words should not be to anyone to assault another person, he is a comedian and will was laughing. Will should be charge and banned.

    1. Will Smith is a legend. He should be respected as that, opposite to how he has been dragged for the last year. Chris picked the easy targets knowing that couple has been embarrassed relentlessly. Will should not accept the joke, they weren’t at a comedy show and did not go there to be clowned.

      Chris should accept the consequences of kicking a couple while they are down in the public eye. Thats cowardly, a true comrade would encourage them seeing what they have been through. Comedians should be held accountable for distasteful nonsense. It was not the time or place to drag that couple.

  2. Comedian should know that they canโ€™t be sensitive about people saying things about their family either because itโ€™s fair game too, it too should just roll off their shoulders, itโ€™s all laughers and fun. So we should all recognize it as such

    1. There are limits if you think about it. Kicking people when they’re down and going for vulnerable targets is always in bad taste. Same with targeting a minority group that is already abused by society and treated unequally. Comedians do not have free reign to say what they want, where they want nor when they want. It cannot be the case that a person can avoid accountability for their words and behaviour because “they’re a comedian”. Comedians have a habit of dismissing criticisms of their actions by hiding behind the comedian occupation. Comedians mess up too and should be made aware unambiguously. Sure, Chris Rock can tell a joke but this is not a stand up comedy event where people should accept potentially being targeted. So this is not the arena for Will to take it on the chin. He did initially, he laughed but then went and smacked Chris after seeing Jada was embarrassed. This was a Grammy event and Chris Rock decided to diss Jada knowing that Will and Jada have been dragged and clowned in the media extensively for around the last year.

      Will has had enough and this is an indicator of that. Stood up well for his wife and for his dignity. People are going to stop playing with him after this. He kept his composure when Jada made him look like a fool to the world. He kept smiling and being a great individual and supportive husband. Everyone has their breaking point and its about time that couple is left alone already. This was not a comedy event, they are not obligated to laugh when everyone’s laughs come at the expense of their dignity.

      Chris Rock knows what they have been through ever since Jada cheating revelations and he wanted to contribute more by embarrassing them in front of the world. I’m proud of Will. Enough is enough. Chris needs to hold that slap like a man that should have had enough forsight to realize that they been through enough and don’t deserve any more belittling on the world stage. Chris is responsible for his silly decision. Will is responsible for his way of retaining his dignity as a man that cares for his family.

      In all the criticisms people have of Will and this broader discussion, no one mentions how much that couple has been tormented over the last little while. His legacy had been tarnished over the affair scandals and people tend to forget what a great guy he was. No one stood up for him sternly when he was being publicly emasculated. This was a breaking point. Chris shouldn’t have done that and the world got the message that enough is enough — leave those two alone.

      Good on Will. Stood firm, Chris needs to take that and jeep moving. Its not that Will should have. This was almost needed in a sense for Will.

  3. Will was laughing untill he’s entangled with her SON’S friend’s wife Jada checked him… Note she was laughing after will slap chris

  4. I admire how Will stood up for his wife. Chris was rude to be making joke of her health condition. She has alopecia and women who suffer from this can be suicidal. Everything is joke nowadays. Hope Chris don’t wake up to having alopecia.

  5. I do believe that although comedy is about making jokes and laughter swell,,,there should be a line drawn when it comes to one’s illness ๐Ÿค’ and personal situations.
    looking around at our society it takes nothing to push one to suicide, persons look good ,dress nice and elegant and still suffers from mental health so one just have to know what limits and boundaries to cross.

    1. I too stuggles with severe alopecia. It is such an embarrassing situation. Jada can purchase the most expensive wigs in the world. She is beautiful either ways. Thank God she has the face to wear her hair like that poor me am so laking confidence that i have dreamt the same dream about 100 times that i left my home without my wig and each time i am crying and i wake up crying. When it comes on to health there should be no jokes about it period. I love both of these men so i cant take sides

  6. GI Jane is actually a compliment to Jada,,,Chris did not refer to her illness he reffered to her bald head,,,i am not a fan of Chris Rock however i think Will Smith have other issues going on

    1. I observed the same thing. N then he came up crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ n all to change the atmosphere of what took place

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