1. People are frightened to speak out on their personal choice on their health aren’t they. How can this become political

    1. @John Whocares not all sides are perfect, but this thing in front of us right now is a reck.

    2. @Marcus #1 I don’t deny history, Marcus. I accept it and learn from it. I don’t deny your family’s history and I appreciate the sacrifice of ALL men who fight for their country. You can’t paint all people with such a broad brush. My dad landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day at age 18. My parents worked at blue collar jobs right along side with yours in the construction and restaurant businesses. My mom didn’t finish high school and my dad got drafted right after he graduated. I am the first person on both sides to go to college. My people aren’t the wealthy, white, Ivy League folks, or Southern Democrat KKK/segregationists who oppressed your family. They were the blue collar, hard working, tax paying, people who worked alongside them. Why do you lump me in with a crowd that I am not a part of? Because of my skin color? Isn’t that the very definition of prejudice? I vote Republican because I strongly oppose abortion, because I value all human life. I can guarantee you that I judge folks on character, not race or ethnicity. Don’t judge me. It simply isn’t just for you to that.

    3. @Hydroponic Essentials & Elements Ngũ Hành Oh, when is it not a wreck? Either the dems or the GOP are doing something horrible, always.

    1. I’m a European conservative and I also appreciate what this couple did. In fact that’s what conservatism should be about, respecting each others decisions whether we agree or not.

    2. @Randy Watson Your father was asked “Is Randy your son?”
      Your father replied “Watson?” Insult intended

    3. @MEGANOD ! This isnt about respecting others, conservatives in america have never respected other opinions, it’s about helping stop a global virus that is once again out of control.

  2. Supposedly there were close to 45k in attendance. Granted some may have booed, but I don’t think many.
    So if President Biden held a rally and promoted masks and vacs, would 45k show up, and would all of them cheer?

    1. the fact that 45K showed up to a public event in a state that has less than zero ICU beds available, is very telling.

    2. @CiteAsourceOrSTFU this is an ongoing lie the media puts out bc they know you are too stupid. Let me explain. When they say they are out of bed, this can mean 2 things, they have all the beds full or they do not have the staff to man the beds. Ask any nurse. This is a con to make you think the basic assumption. Nurses and doctors are no longer heros. They have been given the ultimatum to vax or get fired. Many got fired.
      Where is your outrage for Martha’s vineyard cases that went to 67 cases after Obama party? Crickets

    3. @Dia Lynn can you define communism without googling it, oh ye knower of all things? Tell me about Joseph McCarthy while you’re at it.

    1. He must have bought stock in a company that makes vaccines. Trump never does anything because it’s the right or smart thing. It always takes money.

  3. So theyre a “cult” but they dont love everything trump says? Wow its almost like they hold him to a standard or something

  4. Fantastic. Alabama is a great place to start thinning out the gene pool. Florida and Texas, we thank you for your assistance in this task as well.

  5. I give that boo a 2/10
    I give this report a 9/10, in desperation.

    “how long can we keep Trump relevant and in the spotlight he doesnt deserve?” – CNN

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