1. @maxglide whoever has ears let him hear. who has eyes to see. you don’t need it you have electrodes in your head from si si n

    2. @Alex xelA The issue of Neo Nazism is a side issue and pretext to the real reason president Putin has invaded Ukraine, which is to bring Ukraine under Russian control and make Ukraine a pro Russian and East facing country. The invasion is totally illegal, conducted by a lying dictator who now shares comparisons with Hitler. He complained when the Republican senator said someone should eliminate Putin, then what about the hit squads out for Zelensky. What hypocrisy!! Time for treating Putin like a normal politician is over.

    3. The Problems is western are the most racist people on this earth, that’s just show their backward thinking, arrogant and uncivilized.

    4. @Cropper Copper Are you really this dense? He’s spamming. He doesn’t care about the situation at all, he’s just a troll.

  1. President Zelenskyy and Ukraine are all TRUE Patriots. Heroes. Sending so many prayers. We stand with you Ukraine!!! Stay strong. 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇲🇺🇦❤️

    1. @jefferee2002 They so so but that means nothing. Hitler had many so called Jewish in high command in the party and military.

    2. @G Force Be careful what you wish for , China’s gonna take Taiwan and then we’re going to have our hands full , No one’s going to touch China

    1. @иван ларьков( Ivan larkov) Then why isn’t Russia’s flag yellow? Ukraine is doing much better than Russia right now.

    1. @[SAW]Spitfire if only Biden said basically just your final statement.
      Imagine Biden planning a big press announcement, he gets on stage, looks into the camera, and says “Destruction is mutual. What you are doing is MADness,” (Edit:) and walks off.

    2. Based, “The Ukraine” is actually Russia’s term for the land in which the country of Ukraine resides.
      It translates to “the borderland.”
      The country is just Ukraine, mate. Slava Ukraini (glory to Ukraine)!

    1. @Kari Kivela 🤣🤣 cmon Kari! Did my press briefer bring back some fond memories of your favorite orange evil buffoon??

    2. @King Trutin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oh manyou creased me up with that. You got him down pat. Whilst I was reading this. I only had the put Trumps face in my minds eye. It was like je was reading to me
      In that God Awful Whiney voice e of his
      But we’ll done lol 😆 😂 🤣

    1. @Александр Д

      Do you know how much oil America gets from Russia? 7 percent… We get most of our oil from OURSELVES, because America is actually the #1 oil producing country in the world. Still, we do import oil… 52 percent from Canada, 10 percent from Mexico, 7 percent from Saudi Arabia, 4 percent from Columbia… and so on. NOW… DO YOU REALLY THINK WE NEED YOUR OIL?

    2. @sukuvar

      China will give you NOTHING, unless they want to lose all trade with the United States and Europe. And Turkey will not violate the no-fly zone over Europe, and they are a NATO nation and they are being watched. YOU ARE CUT OFF… DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND LEAVE.

    3. @Nhung Nguyen
      Biden is doing an excellent job…….
      At allowing the world to spiral out of control.

  2. We pray dear God, that this ret. General is 100 percent right. Please bless the Ukrainians with “good courage” and health.

  3. No to war! Every one has the right to live with love and peace 😭💔😭💔😭🙏🙏🙏🇺🇦❤️🇵🇭

    1. @J C. You are really desperate. The whole world except Russian people know that Russian army (or can it be called an army but Putin’s facists even knowing it themselves) is just now killing children and women.

    2. @Kari Kivela I think you may have misunderstood. The trolling I’m referring to is the incidents like the farmers towing tanks, the woman offering seeds because the Russian will be fertilizer, the guy in the car offering a tow back to Russia and telling him they are surrendering ahead. Standing up to tanks unarmed. It must be demoralizing to those Russian soldiers.

  4. I have been absolutely astonished every day by the courage of the Ukrainian civilians. And to the same degree conversely disgusted by the actions of the Russian military.

  5. She’s amazing that everyone keeps saying this is just Ukraine‘s fight when Ukraine is clearly showing the world what we’ve done wrong for so long letting bullies shove us around on the giant chessboard letting those same people who run the show dictate every moment of our lives time has changed and the time for change has come

    1. @Dakota Williams the truth is the good side is the one that serves your interests and is aligned with the interests of your people. There is no God ordained arbiter of moral truth.

    2. @T ok this is getting a bit off topic but what you really need to know that it’s ridiculous to think zelensky is in on a scheme of some sort and you should keep in mind that the entire world Other than china and Belarus are against Putin and if you know him than you know he want’s to restore Russia to the size it had during the hight of the Soviet Union he’s an egomaniac

    3. @Dakota Williams so what? America invades and has imperialist agendas too. Multiple masters are better than one hegemonic, monopolic entity.
      Zelensky is dragging out a conflict he knows he’ll lose for political brownie points, as well as drumming up the racket that is the arms trade and the philanthropic donations received from the spectacle that is this conflict.

  6. Amazing courage. Literally refusing to back down, unarmed, even in the face if weapons facing them.

    1. @SalesPros apparently CNN has braver people than the putins, ain’t whitos supposed to be superoir? 😀 they don’t even have balls to stop bunch of armless “CNN protesters” lmao

    2. @Sheila Bush heh. where? it’s not visible in the video. just a screaming headline. no evidence of Russian guilt

    3. Look at all the Russian bots. I find that when I make a well-liked post against Russia (like this one) I get a barrage of “Yes I’m still interested” and “Thanks” type responses.

    4. @D Sab You don’t need to do that, just check their profile you’ll find that they spam the exact same thing over on folks comments. How YouTube hasn’t picked up on the massive amounts of Russian comment bots is shocking.

    1. This is sooo last week. This isn’t the first war among humans and won’t be the last. CNN is milking this white-on-white war for all the ratings it can.

    2. @Travel Crawl isn’t that what tv shows are supposed to do? They all are milking it and you mindless sheep are glued to the box

    1. @mukarji You must be so proud how they are bravely shelling apartment buildings and murdering civilians.

    2. @Robyn Shiels it means nothing. Putin showed the world, nato, USA and all are cowards. They invaded the weak Middle Eastern countries. But they all big talks only Russia just proved it. They won’t dare to come and fight. Middle East should form a nato type army among all it’s countries and then west will sit in the corner and cry.

    3. @mukarji ok continue bringing shame on your country, in the eyes of the world then. Have fun. But remember karma

  7. No one even attempted to walk away, run or take cover. Patriotic bravery…our moral support and prayers goes out to the Ukrainian people!

    1. @TELEGRAMER Just like all those children not killed at Sandy Hook? (big /S notice)
      Being a crisis actor must be the #1 (with a bullet) job category in the WORLD.
      Fake war scenes: Set builders, military equipers, costumers, demolition, artists. Unlimited. All applications accepted.
      Fake evacuation scenes: Women, children, babies, elderly m/f. Europe, Russia. Now hiring 100s of 1000s daily.
      Fake Covid hospital scenes: patients, nurses, corpses, extras. Worldwide. Millions used, but still hiring.

  8. I am very proud of Ukraine people, they’re very brave stand together to protect for their country

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