1. Seems like they may have finally picked a play from trumps rallys 😂 …there was an interview with one of the guys that got kicked out because he wasn’t being “enthusiastic enough” standing behind trump as he was instructed to…all politicians do it, it’s part of the game.

    1. …and who cares? The rallies are all setup to, people didn’t just happen to show up at an arena at the same time for no reason. But yeah, stupid to put “surprises” in the title if she knew about it. On the other hand, maybe her staff set it up, so it’s a surprise in the same way a surprise party is a surprise.

    1. Yes your absolutely right.
      I have a question I hope someone can answer.
      Why don’t all the Congress men and women encourage the illegal immigrants to become US citizens and stop hiding in the shadows?
      I guess that would be to easy.

    2. The people using fake avatars and names are funny. You’re not Vince Carter, you’re not black, you may not even be American. When you have data capabilities of the RNC and Russia on your side I’m surprised the dislikes aren’t more.

    1. nothing about hating ilhan omar is racist. it’s not because she’s whatever she is, i dont even know what she is. its the fact that shes been attacking trump’s family and character ever since she stepped into office, and she promotes ideology that hates whites.

    2. Vinyl79 – I think you have your terms mixed up. Everyone is xenophobic or maybe prejudiced. Everyone tosses the word “racist” around incorrectly to the point where it is meaningless.

    3. @So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says, I know what she is – A Disgusting lying EVIL Snake !! did I mention EVIL !?

    4. @So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says, THAT’S the problem! You people keep defending his presidential character! Because we have regressed so far, as a society, it’s more socially acceptable to be obese, dress like slobs, use profanity with impunity, etc.? Trump’s character (whether you support his policies or not), should bother ANY true evangelical Christian!

    1. Even more point of how Trump has pushed the 1950’s back! This is 2019, what does GAY have to do with anything. Than again I thought we were passed alot more that we are, apparently NOT!

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