Crowded House on performing new music during a pandemic 1

Crowded House on performing new music during a pandemic


Playing to massive audiences in New Zealand during their "To the Island" tour, iconic band Crowded House is reminding everyone what life was like before the pandemic. Neil Finn and Nick Seymour talk to CNN's John Vause about their return to the stage. #CNN #News


  1. Do not lose your value with a word …. and do not lose your respect due to his humiliation … and do not make your concern in this world the love of people for you ….
    People with fickle hearts … may love you today … and hate you tomorrow…

  2. New Zealand’s Prime Minister understood this virus from the beginning, and took action. Trump also understood it, but didn’t care. The difference between good leadership and no leadership.

    1. Actually a lot of us are pretty pissed off: we have really bad children poverty which has gotten worse under jacinda, business closing all over the country and we still don’t have vaccines.

      Before you assume what we like here in nz get a clue!

    2. @Rhettsy Cop lando How many shutdowns did your local town suffer, I’m in Aus and we only had 2 but that was bad enough for the tourist sector, coffee shops, restaurants etc. My mates florist business suffered early on, but thank god he only had restricted business and didn’t have to close.

  3. Nice to see an awesome band like Crowded House in 2021. Cool the crowd singing along to ” Weather With You ” &. ” Fall At Your Feet ” Good for New Zealand !

  4. If we didn’t have a dumb half of America, we could have been open much sooner too. Trump cost us years of our lives w his BS.

    1. funny Trump gets the label satan for shutting down travel to america…. but when the left does the same thing they save everyone.

    2. @robin smith The left doesn’t shut down _after_ it’s already too late… or deny there’s a virus in the first place… or suggest people inject bleach… or… ¬_¬

    3. @- you must have forgotten about Trumps travel ban for example and how is was racist in early 2020 ….. bleach … lol yea edit and only show a short clip and you cant see the absolute sarcastic joke it was meant to be.

    4. I’m one of those too, who have had 30yrs cut from their lives… along with my contribution to the workforce and GDP of our nation.

  5. I used to be in love with Neil Finn back in the days of Split Enz. Seeing him all grey haired today makes me feel about a million years old! Always love to NZ!!!

  6. Man, I would love to see them live. Amazing to see people be able to gather in crowds at a live concert right now. New Zealand is an example to the world.

  7. Sorry to break it. We’ve been like this since last April 28th. Aotearoa New Zealand leadership has been

    1. Disarmed and locked down to the point of police searching your car to ensure you were only shopping for essentials……enjoy it while it lasts little sheep.

    1. Why don’t we just let them wrestle for title of “iconic band”? I mean, really? Really? You took time to think that up and write it? 1) Art is subjective and 2) In some parts of the world CH is iconic. 3) maybe a little more thinky thinky and less typie typie. As Rodney Dangerfield would add w/ an eye roll: “No offense”.

  8. What’s with all the god crap? Not from Neil, the other two just laying out their delusion for all to see. Yuck.

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