Cruise Ship to Arrive in Jamaica on No Movement Day | TVJ News 1

Cruise Ship to Arrive in Jamaica on No Movement Day | TVJ News


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  1. They lock us up and bring in pple to enjoy themselves and spread the virus.

    Can’t understand the double standard.

  2. Where is the voice of the Opposition,
    Oh, l forget it’s either there is no opposition party or they too are for foreigners, money money money.
    You see both JLP and PNP, do not want to say or do anything against the big man dem , who are their donners . They both need money for camping in the next local or general elections, and a money ago talk.

  3. Foreigners are ALWAYS allowed to operate as they please for the sake of MONEY (as people have been saying) and there’s no need for them to observe the law and protocols…

  4. Kmt!! Rules must be followed by all not some. I guess this virus can only spread by the Jamaican people and not tourists. Tired of this foolishness! They same measures they put out to let tourists come to Jamaica its the same one they should use for us as well

    1. @Michael price you are right but this topic can be looked at in many different ways. Most persons are following all the protocols. Not everyone can afford to just work 3 days out the week. This government is so convenient when they want to. You notice how they put things in place to accommodate tourist. Why can’t the same energy use to accommodate the persons that live here. We are on lock down because covid is spreading. Then how come the tourists aren’t being locked out.

    2. @krissy bcuz the tourist hav alot to offer to the country, wat do we hav to offer??more violence, crimes , more covid etc etc plus we poor we cant offer him nothing so dats y he choosed the tourist over us. its jus like we females we will choose a guy dat r responsible enuf for us to b in a rship so dat if we get preg he can afford to take care of both the bby n us . am sure u aint gonna pick someone dat is irresponsible and not working. so the same goes for the government he has his preference too lol

    3. @michael price. That’s why hes in the wrong position. His first objective is to serve the people of his country. That’s what he swore to do so if he can’t fulfill that promise then its time to go. I don’t think Jamaica’s have a problem with tourists coming in. What they have a problem with is. How can they be out and about and they can’t. That’s the issue. Why they can come to have fun and the people that live here can’t even go out to work.

    4. @krissy dats true and u said he shud go and let who run the country?????no matter who else run it is the same ting gonna reach all of us. ntn different

    5. @michael price that’s why we don’t want non of the two. Non of them make sense. We need a fresh start. Jamaica want to renew

  5. What atrocity!!!Jamaicans are under lockdown can’t go to work or school but cruise ship enters w/1700 tourists to Dunn’s River Falls, Green Grotto Cave and other attractions Too much double standards in our country!!!

  6. After reading the comments me haffi laugh, rise up and go where?
    Some people saying revolution,
    Some saying double standard
    However every passenger is/was seen wearing a mask,
    If protocols were followed months ago today the place free up.
    Disobey now cuss later

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