Crypto Claw-Back Is ‘Game-Changer’ For FBI Fighting Ransomware


    1. I keep saying, having a closed manual system is better than anything. It might be just a little bit more expensive, but it’s secured.

  1. You know that cyber security bill that Mitch blocked back in 2019 is looking like a great decision now

    1. @E E “I do believe the current Republican party is a greater threat to democracy and our way of life over any foreign entity. As for the cybersecurity bill, I’m 100% on board and think Mitch is impeding progess and security of this nation. ”

      That was in my comment. Does it sound like I’m on board with the Republicans and Mitch?

      Maybe re read it before you accuse me of standing with Republicans.

    2. @Jason Moy Please show me a quote form the “Squad” that even comes close to advocating for the destruction of the country or the Government. Just one will do

    3. @JJ Strumr as if they’d be dumb enough to just out and say it. Please you need to give them a bit more credit than that. It’s what she stands for. Most of the squad is from the DSA. Democratic Socialist of America. Look up their ideology and factions. Democratic Socialism with Communist and Marxist factions. I’m not even lying to you, type in “Democratic Socialist of America”. And no, it isn’t what Europe has. Europe has a social democracy. Which is, admittedly an ideology in the DSA but the issue is the Communist and Marxist are in that organization as well. Communism and Marxist will lead to the ruin of this nation. If you don’t think it will, we shouldn’t continue this conversation anymore because I will know what side you stand for. Besides, people like the Squad and the DSA are not aligned with US interests. If they had their way, they’d roll over and die for China. I know how Trump supporters keep pushing the conspiracy that Joe Biden is a Chinese plant. That is false. Joe Biden is center right. Now the Squad and the DSA, those are actually the people who will ruin the nation. Not Biden, the “progressives” will.

    4. @Jason Moy You are amazing in a fearful and sad way. Please take a break from your fevered fears. Maybe go play tennis or something. As you say – this conversation is over. Your ridiculous “roll over for China” statement just shows how illogical and ignorant you are being. You are not rational. Truly, you make no sense. I can’t even connect your statements in in logical or rational way. You are blabbering a bunch of false assumptions and claims. Good luck sorting through the pile of junk ideas you so cluelessly throw about.

    5. @JJ Strumr I take it you didn’t take one look at what the DSA stands for then? I’m an advocate for Social Democracy but it needs to stop there. The communist envision a world with no intervention with other states, I promise you the Chinese are only Communist in name, they are very much taking advantage of state capitalism and seeking to expand their influence. Take care now.

  2. Well in any case, thank God for another chance to use the worn out cliché: game-changer. 😒

  3. Cyber attacks depend on poorly written software. Attacks are not new. The companies IT departments didn’t do their job to stop it..

  4. Most of these companies do not need to be connected to the internet, or at the least they don’t need most of the companies data on the internet.

    1. @David Drake so how do you connect systems across the country without the internet exactly? They’d have to run private fiber optic lines everywhere to stay off the main lines, so please tell me what is your solution exactly?

    2. @E E Why would the controls needed to be seen off sight? It is not like people are at work stations at all times.

    3. @David Drake You do if the operations of one site depends on the data from another, or do you think Microsoft in their Active Directory design put in something that has no purpose? Feel free to look up sites, which relates to policies for computers. You can also look up mirrors in SQL servers, and of course, Exchange Servers, which is e-mail. Now, is it better to have a DMZ that has computers that fetch? Sure, but that still means that the data needs to be available to that less protected machine so that it can transmit to other parts of a business.

    4. @David Drake Centralized management systems, which makes it easier to deal with problems. It means your Information Technology personnel can deal with company problems either. Your way would require specialized IT personnel in every plant, and each of those personnel would not have access to the big picture.

    5. @Ronald King Yes but no reason to have remote control when someone at the site could change what is needed. The only system that can not hacked is a stand a lone system.

      Stupid people think because they have a firewall means that they can just forget about it. Unless they kept it updated it is worthless. Even then they might be the first to notice the attack. Meaning if you want to keep your files safe keep it on a computer that has no internet.

    1. That is capitalism, when something bad happens and consumers lose faith then prices drop on commodities. Sorry you don’t understand economics, but it will only continue to fall as it is a finite commodity and very few people will become new crypto investors as the prices slide and the criminals who thought that it was a safe way to launder money are logged for each transaction on their decentralized network that requires no search warrants for the feds to request to track.

  5. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

    1. Really y’all know him? I even thought I’m the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

    2. Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him, I was so sad after receiving the first try knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫

    3. FYI because of the logs that crypto used being decentralized the feds don’t need any search warrants to track the funds. Every trade is kept record of, every cash out is kept record of, and this pyramid scheme is going to fall apart without new investors to make the older investors profits.

      Also means people who pump prices will be tracked and will face insider trading laws, and criminals who use it to launder money will be tracked and lose everything. Best scam that the federal government could have came up with, and the fact people thought it was protected for no reason is hilarious.

  6. with long passwords and simple I.T. rules, all hacks are inside jobs, and this was an inside job

  7. Maybe it is time to pay the stockholders less and do the security upgrades you should have been doing all along, hmm?

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