CSEC Mathematics - Measurement - Conversion - March 19 2021 1

CSEC Mathematics – Measurement – Conversion – March 19 2021


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  1. You are very young and don’t understand the intricacies about mathematics, the government is only wasting taxpayers money by changing the text books so often. Because when you are using standard measurements, and metrics also SI .It is the same thing, as the phrase says, 6 and half a dozen is the same thing. There is a lot of things they are teaching in school , it is a waste of time. Because when you left school , those things have no use in the outside world. Let us looked at this algebra is invented by the Egyptian about 6,000 years ago and, logarithms, and other maths comes from it. All they does , just change the name, of the maths. The metrics system was thought in school in Jamaica from in 1960s, when I was going.But the measurements was not used on building, or they didn’t have any text books with no mathematics in it. But there was certain measurements was using in metrics, like track and field. When they stop using yards,and using 100 meters. But in the history of the world ,the greatest mathematians in the world is. The Egyptian ,even in modern times. None of those mathematians cannot worked out they lift those stones, to build the pyramids in Egypt. I have learned about a thing what they called Metro physics in Africa , at lot of people. Does not know that Africa have some of the most educated people them in the world ,especially a country like Nigeria. Our foreparents was brought from Africa to the new world and, they were manipulated by the white man ideology and philosophy and. All now the black people still gravitating to the white ideology and philosophy, against the black man culture. That anything that is black is no good, and is pure dunced head people is from Africa. That is the way I was thought when going to school back then,is since I left school and. Traveled a few countries and, since the internet came in. Where you can do some research, I fully realized, that a lot of things. Which I was thought in school ,, it is all nonsense.
    They tried to teach the black people certain things in life to fooled them.

  2. The kilolitres to centilitres should be multiply by 100000(1 with 5 zeros) and not 1000000( 1 with 6 zeros)

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