CTV National News | Saturday, March 18, 2023

Donald Trump calls for protests ahead of his possible indictment; Vladimir Putin visits Crimea to mark the ninth anniversary of annexation.

0:00 Trump claims arrest imminent
3:27 Putin visits Crimea
7:01 7 missing in Montreal fire
9:40 Alta. mandating body cams
12:21 Man. hockey team on verge of 'three-peat'
15:10 Helping Afghan women judges
18:07 N.S. veteran celebrated with quilt
20:50 B.C. man cultivating kindness

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  1. when is the flag on parliament going half mast for this event???? might aswell just leave it there!!

  2. I remember seeing an add with Stormy topless saying “you might know me from the news come join my presidential suit where it gets ….” and I laughed out loud and thought… this is who the democrats are pinning their hopes on? I have met feral cats with more much more upstanding character traits than her.

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