CTV News’ Evan Solomon: Election speculation is ‘like having a baby’

Evan Solomon says that the expectation is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will trigger an election this weekend.

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    1. @Jason Lusk sadly you are right and only a half wit would consent to any of these snake oil selling arseholes. A special kind of brain dead indeed.

    2. @Jason Lusk Yup, your right, because they are all trash. I would have had a civil conversation with you about it to, but then I saw your childish response to someone else above, so that is out the window now.

    3. @Jason Lusk and your happy about that, eh commie? We’re coming, the election results will mean nothing when that time comes.

  1. 5 provincial elections and now a federal election all during a pandemic…makes sense to politicians only

  2. Everyone knows the best way to waste time and money is having political elections that never yield any better representation to the constituency. Partisanship has now proven itself to be an affront to democracy through repetitively displayed dysfunction.

  3. I’m not a Liberal or a Conservative , but I do know Trudeau will be prime minister for the next 2 decades . The other parties just have nothing to bring to the table . IMO

  4. We live in a democratic country, right? Did I hear it well that the decision is up to one person only/?? Where is the democracy in that???
    Of course this government is afraid of the election. They suspect that they will never be re- elected .

  5. This government hold the country togeather and went beyond in order to cope with the crisis, and to assist Canadians every way possible. This is one of the worth times in the history of this country, and Libs did absolutely their best!

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