CTV News’ medical specialist on COVID-19 vaccine approval: ‘Science on steroids”

CTV News' medical specialist on COVID-19 vaccine approval: 'Science on steroids'' 1


    1. Its true- and occassionally they will turn off comments when it goes terribly against them…often I might add.

  1. How Canada can approve something that has been never tested on animals. Medical trails in 4 months,Who cares about side effects that will happen right away after vaccinations, we would like to know long term side effects

  2. How do you speak in confidence with absolutely horrible math 44 000 and know 1 000 000 of arms thatโ€™s not enough time any normal person would. Not trust that

  3. So what does the data show the side effects are for 6 months, 1yr,2yrs 3yrs etc? Oh you don’t know cause there’s no data? Tell me again about the stringent, safety requirements?

  4. COVID IS OVER!! Physician Tells Senate, Ivermectin Is a COVID ‘Wonder Drug’; If You Take It, You Will Not Get Sick’

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