CTV Ottawa reporter stranded in Cape Town, tests positive for COVID-19

CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes describes how he's feeling after testing positive for COVID-19 and being stranded in South Africa.

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    1. Healthcare in canada is a joke. 108 days to approve experimental gene therapy but we have to wait 55 years for the results of the experiment. Not until 2076 before they admit to the crimes they did

    1. He doesn’t care about transmitting it to others, tryna get around the flights and all..stay right where you are buddy!

  1. I’m just happy we are continuing to do our part by disliking every covid related news report. And this guy complaining about an itchy throat, wow you have a cold… nobody cares

  2. Yeah doesn’t mean it’s the variant they can’t actually test for that they actually admitted they can not test for

  3. I’m just impressed that our “Journalist” was hoping that after testing positive, he could just get on the plane and “transit” home to Canada.

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