1. For such a small country to hit above its weight like this, what an amazing feat if they actually succeed! Just goes to show you don’t need a lot to make a difference just determination, cunning and creativity.

    1. @John Bob nope. That’s your interpretation of what Socialism has done in Cuba without mentioning the 50 yrs of sanctions that cause shortages.

    2. You just need to really care for your people, at the and a billionaire has blood as everyone else

    3. @John Bob not true. I’m the bigining when cuba had possiblity for the trade with the soviet union cuban people didn’t have the necesity they have now. Lift the embargo. Or put an embargo to China as well. This double standard is BS.

    4. @Zero11 all they have to do is stop messing with the cuban people, go mess with the chinese regimen that’s bigger and stop abusing small countries.

  2. Cuba sent teams of doctors to Italy last year to help when the COVID was so bad there. They’ve been doing that for years.

    1. communist countries have done way more to fight the pandemic globally than s-hole usa, cuba sent teams of doctors, china has sent medical supplies, ppe, and vaccines

  3. Give it a week or two and the USA will be doing all it can to destroy any chance of Cuba develping the vaccine.

  4. Cuba is a medical superpower with thousands of patents. Their cancer stuff is flat astonishing.

    1. True. But there is still some concern with the new variants, sure there’s a chance that one of the new variants won’t become vaccine resistant, but still there is concern about the new variants, especially in the USA, it’s the race against the new variants, can you imagine the devastation and trouble caused after one country, or possibly the USA has found another new variant that IS resisting the vaccines

  5. Well if they make it I hope they can share it with other countries when their citizens are vaccinated.

    1. @Roger Out I only have family members who have been rented out .. to Venezuela specifically. The government takes 7O% of the payment to supposedly invest in the hospitals that are still falling apart and without any medicines.. plus they leave the country with medical students because all the doctors are outside the country…

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  7. I’m sure Cuba can do it. They have excellent healthcare. I’ve visited there three times and they are respected worldwide as far as their healthcare system goes. It’s better than the US, it’s free.

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