Cuba Cracks Down On Protests Amid Worst Economic Crisis In Decades 1

Cuba Cracks Down On Protests Amid Worst Economic Crisis In Decades


Thousands of Cubans took to the streets across the country on Sunday in an unusual protest. The demonstrations came at a time when Cuba faces the worst economic crisis since the fall of the Soviet Union.
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    1. Another example of everything D.J. Chump touched during his presidency turned into a complete failure.
      The lesson to be learned here is never again can a Charlatan, Grifter, Malignant Narcissist, Sociopath
      be the president of the U.S.A. again!

    2. Make Communists and Socialists afraid. Make liars who intentionally misrepresent themselves afraid. Make smug, conceited trash who fantasize that they “know what is best for complete strangers without their consent”, extremely afraid. Did I misrepresent myself ?.

    1. He’s a tourist. He stay in a tourist hotel and is taken care of. The people of Cuba are the ones who suffer.

    2. @paime ster yep, been there before, it’s weird because I have family there, and I was treated like a king, they were treated poorly, I really feel bad for them

    1. Hopefully, but we’ve been fooled before.
      Maybe now that Fidel is dead, nobody feels any loyalty to this guy… hopefully.

    2. Hopefully, because once they fall all the other communist countries like nicaragua and Venezuela will fall

    3. @Diego Flores Colombian protest is against increased taxes used to fund a universal basic income, although they attempted to privatize healthcare at the same time (all this during a pandemic mind you… yikes). South Africa was because a former President was arrested for refusing to go to court for corruption, Zuma was fairly popular for fighting against apartheid along with Mandela but Zuma’s Presidency was smeared with corruption and cronyism.

      Long story short, those protests don’t have anything to do with capitalism, one has to do with COVID, including increased taxes (Colombia) and one is a riot by supporters of a corrupt President who was arrested for not showing in court over corruption charges, including cronyism (South Africa). The Cuban protests are calling for a change in system, as in a move away from communism but also a move away from authoritarianism. Colombia is also authoritarian and South Africa is trying to make change to move away from that past. But the capitalist part has nothing to do with those two protests.

    4. Yes, hopefully the radical marxist/communist Antifa type’s pay close attention. This is why marxism/communism is evil and will never work.

    1. @Renegade Mannequin or better yet, crippled by their own collapsing marxist-leninist regime……

    2. Nope..MSM and Biden propaganda lies because they’re cowards and don’t want to upset people in their own party for calling it what it is..Communism

  1. Those Kids will take care of this themselves. How’d that “internet” switch work for Mubark? 62 years? It’s time.

    1. It’s time to stand up and say “No! ”
      Enough !
      Is enough !
      It’s time for revolution

  2. We are not on the streets for money, meds, or food. We are yelling “Libertad” which translates to Freedom from Communism and Socialism. You got it totally wrong!!!!! Free Cuba, 60 years of Socialism and Destruction have been enough. We just want to be free and work to rebuild our country.

    1. biden talking about silencing the voice of the people, yet it is being more and more enforced here.

    2. Do not tell me that those protesters are not there for food and money and medicine u are wrong there they are there for those Also plus freedom in cuba there no food if u don’t have money how can u get your food now with medicine cause of the pandemic there no medicine vaccines cuba needs those things they are suffering abd also yes ur right for freedom there no freedom in cuba there never was freedom in cuba and is about that time to give them there freedom

    1. I can tell you, this is true, I have not been able to communicate with family and friends in the country since Sunday evening. They are using VPNs to communicate some.

  3. Oh what have the liberals had to say about it? Well Bernie Sanders agrees with Diaz and blames us for the uprising.

  4. The reporter has been in Cuba for 8 years and he says it’s about COVID?!
    How about Cuba has been under a dictatorship for 60+ years and they’ve had enough?!
    Que Viva Cuba Libre! Patria Y Vida!!

    1. It’s because the reporter is operating from a pro-communist agenda. The Democratic Party is the US Communist party… and they have near total control of the press

      COVID has been their go-to excuse for everything. Here they want to obfuscate public opposition to communism because they want to push the narrative that it has broad populist support, when in reality, it’s just a few radicals being given total control of streets, with a media telling us that it’s popular.

    Cubans want freedom from the ENTIRE SOCIALIST Govt. Of Cuba

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