Cuba's Covid Vaccine | Residents Protest Bad Roads in St. James, Jamaica - July 12 2021 1

Cuba’s Covid Vaccine | Residents Protest Bad Roads in St. James, Jamaica – July 12 2021


National Security Minister Dr. Horace Change, is calling for The Independent Commission of Investigations INDECOM, to review its operations. He says INDECOM isn't accomplishing what it was created to do.

Introduction – 0:00
St. James' Residents Protest About Bad Roads – 5:00
MOH Finding Ways to Reduce Mosquito Population in Jamaica – 11:39
The Business Minute – 17:17
Reggae Boyz Begin Gold Cup Campaign – 20:52

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  1. Good afternoon, Giovanni! I like the new intro. Thanks to you and the TVJ team for presenting us the news.

    1. Need someone who’s taking the job seriously like how holness is serious about pm we need serious leaders In everything

  2. How is INDECOM going to investigate when the Police refuse to where even a simple body camera 📷 🙄 😒. A lot of corruption still happening.

  3. Cashpot is playing 6 times now,and you want to bring casino nobody can’t save anything anymore

    1. Nobody forcing anyone to buy cashpot or go to casino. Ppl can save or invest or do whatever they want with their money

  4. What I’m di security minista doing? People put I’m fi do work but I’m not doing a dam thing more dan talk f-ri I’m a di leader fi what a gwan ina St James gowey I’m fi gowey like seriously I’m fi go a prison 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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