1. A powerful man who was born into a rich family thinks he can do what he wants to women? Really? You don’t say?

    1. @Flâneur Okay, last three tests went though. But I think I will continue my misspellings. Ironically, I suspect c e ns ors hip might be a ba nne d word

    2. Trump enjoyed being a sexual harasser and has more complains than cuomo. But he got a free pass and became President. Interesting

    3. @Bald Eagle Isn’t that a ‘whataboutism’? Actually, people also did that with Epstein. They tried to shift the focus from Epstein to Trump. I guess people like you just don’t care about what those women endured, huh? You just wanna score a point for Blue. Really sick

  2. Now it’s time to investigate Matt Gaetz and Maddison Cawthorn! 🤔 They all need to go! We don’t need these people in power.

    1. @Evili Cuomo first? Why not at the same time? The DOJ is the entity that opened the Gaetz investigation, and NY state investigated Cuomo. I have not heard of anything being done about the allegations regarding cauthorne.

  3. Not making light of Cuomo, but my question is this: Every time a Democrat is suspected (not convicted) of misconduct, he/she is immediately asked to resign by their peers, but not once have I seen Republicans ever do it (recently)

    1. @WildHeart A child is created by both a man and a woman. A woman isn’t the sole decision maker on a child’s outcome, clown.

    2. @RD choice is the one carrying. MORON’S Creed you live by? You are not the one to determine any woman’s bodily functions. Unless you may be one. Then just your own! Mind your own damned business and this world would be much more peaceful!

  4. The political class in America are so immoral and corrupt… how they expect to go around the world “these days ” expecting other countries leaders to hold them up as the highest standard of morality, is ludicrous…..especially when everyone around the globe can see how disgraceful they are, and the outrageous lies they tell….

    1. @B Bodziak THat’s funny and ironic because Thomas’s confirmation hearings were bitter and intensely fought, centering on an accusation that he had sexually harassed attorney Anita Hill, a subordinate at the Department of Education and the EEOC. Hill claimed that Thomas made multiple sexual and romantic overtures to her despite her repeatedly telling him to stop. Thomas and his supporters asserted that Hill, as well as the witnesses on her behalf and supporters, had fabricated the allegations to prevent the appointment of a black conservative to the Court. The Senate confirmed Thomas by a vote of 52–48.[1] Wikipedia It’s amazing how many Politicians on both sides of the aisle that have been charged and found guilty of sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and child sexual abuse. Do they think just because they are Gov’t officials they can get away with it? SMH

    1. @Tom Beacher Didn’t we all hear Trump admit he grabs women by their pu**ies and brag about walking back stage when the teens were all changing? There are over 20 separate allegations by over 20 women (26, I believe) saying trump sexually assaulted them, but he actually admitted to the first two things I said.

    2. @alarmclockrings You people called it Russiagate however collusion with Russians was in fact proven by the GOP led senate committee. You ought to read it.

  5. 45 promised Cuomo to ruin his career, look like his digging and research has accomplished the mission.

    1. Over a decade in office and no substantial accusations until Donny says so. Hmm. I believe these women genuinely feel as they say they feel. They aren’t faking. But to imagine that Angry Orange would pass up such a gleeful opportunity to display vindictiveness?! Utterly unbelievable.

    2. @L I’m a woman, I don’t approve of the behavior because it’s foul. I’d heard the rumors before, no charges were current or brought forth until 45 promised to ruin him.

    3. @Kathryn Quinn 45 has a history of digging up old dirt to ruin careers. Hillary, Obama, J. Bezos, B Cosby, etc.

    4. @Brian Tuma he paid for the digging to find the dirt. Bazos was smart enough and had enough money to reverse search the investigation to find who was inquiring, on 45’s doorstep. Remember 45 trying to increase Amazon’s pricing at the P.O. He couldn’t because it was under contract.

    5. @Timothy Duch if Cuomo is foul so be it. Where were these women, who paid to find all of their stories, and evidence. 45 threatened to ruin his career. Food for thought.

  6. If anyone thinks Cuomo will resign, you don’t really know anything about the guy. He has a stubborn streak on steroids…

    The only way to get rid of him is legislators removing him out of office or New Yorkers voting him out.

    1. Agreed. It does not matter which political party they are representing. Wrong is wrong. Cuomo needs to resign or be impeached.

    2. @Christine Christensen He’s always been cringy to me even before the scandal. And then he had a nerve to write a book about the pandemic for money… so many things wrong with this guy.

  7. Surprising how many people go political. Shows how divided we are. There are creeps on both sides. They should be dealt with.

    1. How come when he greets people with a hug and kiss on Television he wasnt arrested on the spot for sexual misconduct?

    1. I would imagine his current bravado is due in part to trying to save grace with his family. Also, it seems when harassment behavior runs this deep and wide with an individual, especially if he happens to be a narcissist, they often don’t see anything wrong with their behavior and/or have convinced themselves that the “women liked, or appreciated, it.” Because it had gone on for so long, he probably didn’t really believe he’d be found in the wrong, and he’s likely in a little shock. Once the dust settles and his attorney has slapped him with the hard facts of the situation, he may come around, but if he has nothing to lose by not resigning and going through the impeachment process, why not take the chance that be won’t be impeached? His legal fees for impeachment will be covered by the state — not so, if he’s criminally indicted. I think it’s more likely his family will pressure him into resigning to save them further embarrassment.

    2. @SING UNTO THE LORD Inspired by the holy spirit Standing by your colleagues simply because they have an “R” after their names is the type of behavior we should neither applaud nor aspire towards. It’s unbelievable how the majority of both parties are reacting toward sexual predators in their own respective parties. Democrats are calling for Cuomo’s resignation. While, Republicans have been mute and even fundraised off of Gaetz’s investigation. The actions of the current GOP is nothing to put on a pedestal.

    3. @Bald Eagle and of course the precedent set by Biden’s sexual assault upon Tara Reade, which he has never publicly denied. Also there are all those ignored Biden child sniffing videos in the puplic domain. Cuomo could easily secure a tremendous amount of rank and file support from like minded Democrats who obviously can relate to his predicament. Sexual harassment scandals being no impediment to them with all the skeletons to be found in their closets.

  8. Denial seems to be the first reflex of these so-called powerful men. Powerful men who fear the oss of image and of power and of privilege.

  9. Ooh, say it like it is, Joyce! Always love to listen to Joyce Vance’s perspective. She is a class act, who tends to not pull punches. 👍

    1. @B Bodziak
      Joyce Vance Is Not Related to Cyrus Vance Jr.
      Joyce Vance and Cyrus Vance Jr. are two prominent attorneys from different states. While Joyce Vance is the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Cyrus Vance Jr. is the district attorney of New York County. Currently, the DA is investigating Donald Trump’s tax records for evidence of wrongdoing by the ex-POTUS. The spotlight is not only on Cyrus Vance, but also on Joyce Vance, albeit for a different reason. Some Internet users wonder if the two attorneys affiliated with the Democratic Party are related. But we clear those misconceptions right here

    2. She sure is. Govenor Coumo should resign. THeree has been to much sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and actually it’s astounding how many there are on both sides of the aisle that have been found guilty and are in jail. Just because he is governor of NY doesn’t give him a pass.

  10. we set the bar so low for our political figures, yet they continue to stoop even lower than our most cynical expectations. 😒

  11. Imagine the “fishing” trips when ol mario would tell his boys how good it is to be governor. He hasn’t learned he’s in a different era.

    1. You’d be amazed, Dan. I know plenty of guys in Mario’s “boat.” However…one step at a time and this is a great step.

  12. Gov. Cuomo – 2013
    “There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment & must send a clear message that this behavior is not tolerated.”

    This guy would be a great President..

  13. The only way it will ever be resolved is to name names and point fingers where they belong. As long as we as harassed women find this “dangerous”, it will never end.

  14. When you tell someone what they are doing is offensive to you and they say, “No it isn’t” tells you everything about who you’re dealing with. He screwed up his legacy with an over bundance of hubris and allowing the wrong body part control his thinking. Very sad

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