Cuomo on Trump’s priorities: How does he have time for this BS?

Cuomo on Trump's priorities: How does he have time for this BS? 1


  1. I’m a Canadian, BUT this has gotta be ABSOLUTELY EMBARASSING being an American. It’s EMBARASSING JUST to Watch !!!

    1. Maybe just maybe if the dems were like ya ok we took it too far with riots and chop and getting rid of police and blaming huge murder increase in New York on people needing to steal bread lol buuuut we like how you guys had the economy going before covid and we can dig how you gave all that cash to black colleges and prison reform good job ……. republicans maybe say hey listen we know he runs his mouth and says brutal things and misses the mark on some things and ya we like your idea for a better health care system …… it doesn’t have to be I hate all you’ve done and all your ideas and everything I do is better and all my ideas are better cuz that’s what it is right now lol

    2. Hello Moca Joe from Los Angeles. It’s beyond embarrassing. It’s just soul crushing having to be led by this thing that is masquerading as a human being. It has no heart, morals or feelings for anyone other than itself. Everything it touches dies. I have never hated anyone more than I hate it. November can’t get here soon enough for me. I’m not thrilled about voting Biden ( I voted for Bernie ), but anything would be better than this. Please be safe and well and pray for us ✌💗🤗🤗🙏

    3. I say whoever wins 2020 is president and the loser is vp so you’ll always have them together and force them to work together ……..kinda like putting your kids in a room after they fight and tell them they’re not getting out until they’ve made up lol America is an incredible place with incredible people so figure it out !!!

    1. @Anne Liesveld as im sure u werent obsessing over stormy or THEY LET U grab em by the cat as he was not president yet… scariest is he wins again, and get another supreme court seat in…. trump 2020

    2. Bekim Rexha if you can’t understand trump’s family you’re going to have no chance understanding why Biden’s still have him out in public… it is genuinely sad.

    1. Total scandemic. People die, that we know. But exaggerated to the point that dems want to ruin our country? EVIL. check CDC weekly death records. Hard left wont look cause they are EVIL. moderate left’s please look. Facts and truths. Not like puppet Biden

    2. @castroy64 basement biden is cowering in the wake of covid death dropping each and every week . No more covid? What’s his next platform?

    3. @Eden Tesfagaber your hilarious. He wants everyone to succeeded…..except you, your a ” victim”

  2. Trump : ” l didn’t think a picture of me wearing a mask behind the iconic desk would have been a good look. ” But Goya. Got it.

    1. Probably has stock in the company as well, more ways to making money, by Trump endorsing their products. You know folks will buy them, Trump approves. OMG. What Next ?? White House Sales , every Wednesday, come and get Ivanka ‘s. Products made in China, from : 1 pm till 3 pm. Buy one item, get the other item Free !

    2. @Jack Zaccardi Mine too. Which sucks because I was a fan before they were a thing. Especially of their canned coconut milk, omg!!!! 😋😋😋

  3. “They’re selling BEANS?!?!”
    I’m gonna start yelling this when I’m exasperated.

    1. I’m buying beans from a great American company. They’re literally the only beans I’m buying from here on out. I honestly think about who the left hates whenever I spend. I don’t do any business with any companies that kowtow to BLM and the woke mob. We’re going to cancel the woke crowd, if you guys don’t cancel each other first. Haha

    2. LOL the trigger-effect of a 1 minute to produce photo, is EPIC

      Have a heart, you know the cancel clowns were going after a minority owned business, for no real reason 🙂

    1. Isn’t Biden, wrapped in cotton wool, hiding in his basement for months on end, the real Bunker Boy?

    2. How can the Demtards advocate for the demise of a company that does so much good for all people in America forcibly praising the presidents efforts to help minority latinos???? Its ok to use your elected office (AOC)to call for a boycott and destruction of a patriotic company but its not ok to have their back?????

    1. yeah and you buy them, from CNN. How do you watch this dribble and agree with anything anyone says here? Serious question.

    2. *_CNN; Fanning the flames of racial hate and violence and spewing stupidity for more than 40 years_*

    3. @You Hit My Car Abc Simple. I use my eyes, ears and brain and adjust my views based off of facts instead of denying reality to cries of “fake news” when facts disagree with my feelings about reality.

      Do you deny Trump was hocking beans off of the Resolute desk?

    4. Goya donated to help feed people put out of work by covid shutdown, tons of food donated. People mad because Trump acknowledging Goya’s help. Are cnn viewers low info?

    1. he sold his ideas and agenda to millions of Americans and won the presidency.
      and to the losers and haters its called WINNING.

    1. @Biscuit89 YES!!! Yet it surprises me some of his followers fail to see it. I don’t know how because he’s so blatant about it.

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