Cuomo pushes back as Trump confidant praises pandemic response 1

Cuomo pushes back as Trump confidant praises pandemic response


CNN's Chris Cuomo debates Newsmax CEO and Trump confidant Chris Ruddy over the President's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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  1. “Let’s give Trump an A+ for stimulus” – one week after the stimulus program expired without renewal.

    1. @Colin Ross Actually Moscow Mitch said when signing off on last stimulus that would be the last one for the people… So stupid..dems disliked it this time cause it cut the $ to the people. while keeping good stuff for corps. people are so stupid….

    2. @XLD2P D5 The stuff in this bill was good for corporations, but bad for the people. Good that Dems stood their ground.

    1. He wouldn’t let him finish a sentence. Cuomo is a pompous bully, with zero sophistication in his debate skills.

  2. Had a good laugh when Cuomo threw his hand in the air and exclaimed “Baaaaa!” As only a frustrated person of Italian heritage could do. Love it. It says more than words.😂💖

    1. LOL I miss that because I was just cooking and listening.Now I’ve got to go back and enjoy that moment ! Thank you

    1. If u don’t have the patience for foolish why watch fake news cnn ??? Someone loves being lied too

    2. @Kris I. the only fake news is you and trump and others who believe in bullshit that come out his mouth. So don’t come here to give excuse a man who neglects a pandemic

  3. “The president is working with Congress”……..

    asking for a new fbi building so a Developer doesn’t build a Hotel

    1. Obama left 3+ years ago. Let it go!!!!! -45 will never be as great as Obama is. AND….. right now; America isn’t great😶

  4. I’m not saying that everything he’s done is perfect…well then that’s not an A+ you pinhead!!!

  5. “poverty to presidential front runner” Not uniquely American, ever hear of Nelson Mandella?

    1. Actually that’s a bad example. Mandela was a tribal prince and an attorney prior to going to prison. Yes, South Africa was an apartheid state and as a black man was on the short end, but he was at the very top of the black apartheid South African society.


  6. “I don’t know how you gave him an A+. I wish you were one of my teachers in school.” Damn, LMFAO, that was great! 😆😆😆

    1. Investors think the economy will be fine in 1 year. Stock market V recovered. When a new political party takes over, statistical data from the past 25 elections shows large decreases leading up to election. In simple terms: investors don’t foresee Biden taking over to increase taxes. More likely the economy will have a real or longer recession come 2024.

    2. They told us yesterday on ABC the economy is like it was right after WWII and it was terrible then.

  7. 6:38 Thank you! Chris Cuomo, you hit the nail on the head and we the people need to hear that more! Cause some people ain’t getting it! Thank you!

  8. I’m sorry Chris Cuomo, I couldn’t watch the whole interview, loved the look on your face tho! 🤣

  9. I’m from Maryland, I’m a democrat, and I love Hogan despite him being republican. I can confirm we have not gotten any federal help!

    1. Coolkc456 he was on CNN and said he had to use 9 million of tax payers money to get supplies he could not get from the White House and Trumps press secretary called him a liar. Then said he hates trump and is making it up to make the president look bad lol. Unbelievable

    2. @Magic Mike Wrong, Hogan obtained tests from Korea which gave faster results, unlike our current tests in the U.S. where people are waiting 5-10 days for results. If paying extra to foreign countries for better supplies means faster test results, then by all means, go ahead, Hogan.

    3. Coolkc456 agreed. I just thought it was pathetic how they tried to discredit a guy trying to do what best for his state. I wish he was in AZ. We are the third worst state in the country

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