Cuomo to Julian Castro: Do you regret attack on Joe Biden?

Cuomo to Julian Castro: Do you regret attack on Joe Biden? 1


CNN's Chris Cuomo asks 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro if he regrets attacking rival Joe Biden's memory.

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  1. Damn, Chris went after him like Biden was his grandfather or something. His facial expressions are hilarious when ever Casto was talking! 😂

  2. peachesandpoets | September 13, 2019 at 1:27 AM | Reply

    I don’t like Biden but Castro is out for me now.

    • peachesandpoets I’m not a Biden or Castro supporter but I like Castro a lot more after this. Are you upset that he made fun of someone bordering on dementia? Why? Biden is not above reproach, especially for even staying in this race with his early onset. Biden has ruined millions of lives, so what if a politician makes fun of him.

    • peachesandpoets | September 13, 2019 at 8:40 AM | Reply

      @Alex Anthony ruined millions of lives?

    • @peachesandpoets yeah, the crime bill he proudly claims he authored which put and kept many non violent drug offenders in jail (and implemented mandatory minimums), the war in iraq he voted for, and to top it off, hes fucked students every way to Sunday. He’s responsible for Student Loans being the only type of debt that isn’t erased with bankruptcy. He has been against democracy since the ’80s lol.


  4. It’s not like he called him Fredo.

  5. HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster | September 13, 2019 at 1:51 AM | Reply

    < '7 people who didnt watch the debate,' Fredo? I think you mistook that for your ratings...lots of people dont watch the democrat debates b/c its a clown show IN a dumpster that happens to also be on fire. Also, why are you coming down so hard on Castro? Its not like he threatened to throw Biden 'down the fkn stairs' or anything.

  6. CNN riding Biden hard Jesus Christ

  7. I don’t particularly like either Biden or Castro, but Castro lawyered this hard. Expected him to parse what “is” is. Typical politician BS.

  8. Yawn… it is not about debates. It is about votes. You can win a debate, but if you don’t win the election, it doesn’t mean anything.

  9. CNNs next debate will only have Biden and Dems can pick from Biden or Biden.

  10. Castro Looks Like He Genuinely Hates Biden…

    • boohoo so you can’t touch whitey old people? that’s racist.

    • Gastro generally hates everybody except illegal migrants.

      What the Democrats didn’t eve touch tonight:

      Their open borders agenda

      Free healthcare for illegal migrants

      The BOOMING economy

      Robert Mueller

      Russian Collusion

      Their radical abortion agenda


      I wonder why?

      Wait till Trump talks about them on the debate stage.

      It’s lights out!

    • I can already see trumps nickname for Castro.
      lil fredo.

    • And people in general. Looks like a dark-hearted guy.

    • He’s a racist turd that needs to go back. He hates America just like that horrible horrible diaper head and that other enemy of America.

  11. Cuomo shouldn’t talk about attacks on anyone after his poor performance with the “weak man” comment.

  12. Daniel Billingslea | September 13, 2019 at 2:20 AM | Reply

    “I’m fulfilling the legacy of President Obama, and you’re not” sounds pretty arrogant

    • Lmfao ikr, Castro is such a joke

    • He was telling the truth, unlike Joe Biden! I ain’t mad at you J.Castro.

    • @Adaryll Kelly no hes an arrogant prick, and before you say it no i dont like trump. i just hate assoles and bullies

    • TexasRoadrunners | September 13, 2019 at 10:51 AM | Reply

      Its pretty ridiculous that people are arguing the point that some one got called out on stage on national T.V and the way it was done. We have a sitting president that does it every chance he gets on the White House Lawn pressers to degrade Biden and Sanders on their age. If people are going to argue that it was a cheap shot and candidates need to be nicer, we all just need to concede 2020 to Trump. The gloves will have to come off for this election to have a chance and then worry about cleaning it up after this administration is gone

    • @TexasRoadrunners Exactly! The Tactic of Mainstream Media, was to set that trap up for J.Castro with a “shame on you” moment, for a attempt at validating the condemning attack on J.Castro, to DEFLECT from their corporate alliance Joe Biden, nonsensical mumbling, when asked about his racist draconian crime bill, and his segregation tactics, and his botched Healthcare Plan, that still leaves over 10 million People without coverage. Mainstream Media is picking up slack for Joe Biden, at a attempt to assure him a victory over his Progressive Opponents who may be a threat at stopping Mainstream Media’s Billion dollar GRAVY TRAINS! So Mainstream Media, is definitely PRO Biden!!! Bernie2020 with J.Castro having a Cabinet Job! Bernie2020

  13. Castro shouldn’t have tried to gaslight Biden. He lost a few votes. Doesn’t matter, Castro is not going to make it anyway.

    • @Jima Alex No. No one ATTACKED him. Bernie got hammered MUCH worse by the HOSTS and he didn’t cry and no one is jumping in to tell that dude to be nice to Bernie Sanders. Biden is imploding. He is slipping, big time, and everyone knows it, including him. He’s not going to be president. If Democrats are dumb enough to elect him in the primary, Trump will win in 2020. I don’t like saying it, but it’s the bottom line truth. He cannot be our candidate. He’s just not strong enough. And that’s evidenced by the way everyone is feeling all protective of him. He’s become a fragile old man. All those polls showing him winning won’t hold as he falls apart on stage and on the campaign trail. It doesn’t get easier in the general. And no one will tell Trump to apologize.

    • He isn’t trying to get the nomination, he’s bucking for a cabinet position.

    • Creepy joe xD

    • Johanna Albarron | September 13, 2019 at 8:00 AM | Reply

      He just did a Kamala Harris and like her any chance he thought he had is GONE !!!

    • Neither is Biden. Trump’s taking all these fucking losers down.

  14. “For the seven people in the country who didn’t watch this debate…” Talk about having no clue.

  15. ipressedabutton | September 13, 2019 at 2:25 AM | Reply

    chris is the last person to talk about “the style of it”, after his fredo rant.
    castro could of TKO’d cuomo by mentioning that fredo rant, and how un-DECENT he was, he should of gone down that road. would of been worth a barrel of laughs

  16. These men are very bad people !

  17. Fredo is still hangin’ in there! I wonder for how much longer?

  18. Oh forgot……FRADO FRADO let’s go fishing you trash bag! Lol

  19. “For the 7 people who didn’t watch the debate” pretentious much? Alright freddo whatever ya say I guess… real news I guess

  20. Castro is very sensitive when it comes to racism, and rightly so! Ageism, not so much ……… effing hypocrite!

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