1. “He doesn’t want you to love America. He wants you to love *him* .”

    That’s it, right there.

    1. @Robert Clawson The United States has the largest economy in the world. The United States also has the most powerful military on the entire planet. The United States has produced most of the greatest movies that the world has ever seen.

      But the United States is also number one in a lot of categories that do not go great. If we ever want to turn this country around, we need to be very honest with ourselves.

      We need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and realize that it is not a good thing that we are number one in divorce, drug addiction, debt, obesity, car thefts, murders, and total crimes. We have become a slothful, greedy, decadent nation that is exhibiting signs of advanced decay. Until we understand just how bad our problems really are, we won’t be able to come up with the solutions that we need…
      Just a small list…
      1: The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the largest total prison population on the entire globe…
      2: The United States has the highest percentage of obese people in the world…
      3: The United States has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin…
      4: The United States has the highest rate of illegal drug use on the entire planet…
      5: There are more car thefts in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world by far…
      6: There are more reported rapes in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world…
      7: There are more reported murders in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world…
      8: There are more total crimes in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world…
      9: The United States also has more police officers than anywhere else in the world…
      10: The United States spends much more on health care as a percentage of GDP than any other nation on the face of the earth…

    2. It’s a great day by Tipa. This is a new birthday vibe that I love. Take a listen to the entire song. You will love it too. Please leave a comment!

    3. @Dr. TJ What do you hope for? A day when all murderers and pedophiles roam free from the fear of conviction?

    4. Then you must have loved the First Step Act, because that’s helping people prevent recidivism.

  2. Well done…
    Democrats should have this as a logo: do you love America or do you love trump?

    1. @kim ama At least Democrats do not thwart the RULE OF LAW AND THE CONSITUTION the way this administration has…GOVERNMENT IS WE THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE…

    2. @Aloof F8 I think you are confusing immigrants (on the run from war or poverty) with a criminal (cheats his way through society)

    3. @Grim Reefer Why should Trump testify if he has committed no crime ?
      Hillary is the most vile person on the planet,Lynch gave her a pass so did the FBI.
      she should be hung for Haiti alone,then revived and hung again for Benghazi .
      Anyone who supports this satanic pedophile needs removing from America .

    4. @K way Am I? Then why do only 7% of people claiming “asylum” actually show up to hearings while the other 93% disappear never to be seen again? The overwhelming majority of asylum seekers don’t have legitimate claims to asylum and are just gaming the system.

  3. Thank God for the civil news media that gives us opposition to FOX news!!! Otherwise, we’d be trapped in lies, as is Russia, Korea, and other dictator-led countries!

    1. @Bob Bart Lol!!!! You are talking to a mirror obviously. I’m sure Andy Ngo would agree that you need a reality check.

  4. Well it was a long time ago, he was under a lot of stress about his hair getting wet.

    1. @marc marinacci Impressive command of the English language, Marc … “Make America gullible Again”

  5. If you genuinely think that you are the “best damn country on the planet” you might just be as delusional as Trump.

    1. America… The only country that liberals don’t think is the best and the only ones who won’t leave it. Name a better country with as much freedoms and why…. You can Not because there isn’t one.

  6. Actually, it was 2 revisions in the same sentence. Fort McHenry didn’t exist during the revolutionary war.

    1. @look whats happening now
      i’m sorry there are great gaping holes in your US civics education.
      every president is “installed” by the Electoral College…..that’s how our presidential elections work. if you dont like it, change the Constitution.

      to use a sports analogy, it’s not how many yards you gain, it’s how many points you put on the board.
      so, the “orange moron” understood this & you really, really really smart people, including the mentally ill Hillary, didn’t understand it…..so, who’s the moron? look in the mirror, duh!! no one to blame but yerselves, & i can see where it pisses you off. i get it.
      or look at it this way — America totally dodged a bullet in 2016!!

      so, the 3 million popular votes all came in California….if you take California outta the mix, then Trump won the popular vote as well.
      so, the Electoral COllege is the genius of the founders….cuz what kinda fool wants to be ruled by the crazies in California…..who are doing a terrific job of screwing that state up to a fare thee well.
      maybe you do but i dont.

      & stop with the cyber bullying bull sh&t, ANTIFA man, it makes you look small, nasty & stupid….not my fault yall lost the 2016 election.
      & yer gonna lose 2020 too…..cuz ya got a clown car of candidates with insane ideas. ya gonna get mad at me then too?

    2. Stan Marley

      I read the Mueller Report – Volume One – confirmed the Russian interference and the Trump Campaign participation in that interference.

      Running Hillary was a huge mistake that the Democratic Party has to own. And Comey sowing unsubstantiated doubt on Hillary at the last minute was the final blow.


    2. @marc marinacci You sure do like slinging around your typed letters like your opinion of a STRANGER matters. You don’t like Trump because he reminds you of yourself maybe?? The only difference between him and you is he hits back, he doesn’t hit first.

      Hold this for me: L.

  7. I agree with this. Trump makes everything about him, and after two and one-half years of him, I want nothing to do with HIM. He’s a disgusting leech on everything good about America at the same time that he continually tries to dismantle and undermine our democratic process, ideals and values. Sorry, but I am repulsed by everything Trump does and stands for and disgusted that we made a man our President who has no idea of what made America great in the first place, much less how to restore it to that greatness.

    1. samuel boggs When accusing someone of ignorance, you need to point how they are ignorant or you are just proving your own ignorance.

    2. Cadre Deux You are incorrect as usual. No I am not. what I am doing though was rather rudely pointing out how childish your original statement about Trump was…. Nobody has to make anything up about Trumpy because he is a enormously huge embarrassment and mistake. Why are you defending a pathological liar?.

    3. samuel boggs Then you you are admitting to your own ignorance. At least you are being honest, which is rare in a liberal.

    4. @samuel boggs Trump is actually much more liberal than people realize….hes a rogue president, not right or left really, which is why the media does whatever it can to make him look bad….Trump calls MS-13 Gang members animals, so what does CNN report :”Trump calls all immigrants animals”….Both sides of the media hate him because he doesnt pander to either of their agendas, which is NWO domination

    5. @Aloof F8 Oh– so I’m “on the left” because I see Trump for the charlatan idiot that he is? Was I “on the left” when I voted a number of Republican Presidential candidates in the past (thankfully not Trump)? It’s people epoxied to a party, Republican or Democrat, who are the biggest problem we face today. I’ll stick with trying to protect our country from fools, incompetents and imposters of either party, and Trump is most certainly all three of those, thank you very much.

  8. Doesn’t anybody realize he did all of this so he could use the footage for campaigning for 2020? Yes that’s right, the government just funded his campaign material…..again

    1. @Cadre Deux Wait, are you comparing a flyover in New York from a United Nations address to spending 2 million from the Pentagon and diverting 2.5 million from the National Parks Service?

    2. The only way he would get the crowds he wanted was to highjack July 4th and make it all about him. If the roads could have taken the strain, you can be sure he would have had the tanks and equipment parading through.

    3. @Cadre Deux
      If you use Air force one in a campaign , you pay for it …. or about 140 000-160 000 per hour .
      Then again T-Rump campaign still owns over 7 mil to Washington DC for his inauguration security (=overtime for cops)
      You now better focus on that T-Rump thinks he can alter US constitution by an executive order , you know be a dictator a king … that is why you voted for him .

    4. Caleb Hannah Seditious Rat #44 released $Billion$ to a country that chants “death to America” while your Vile Loser candidate attacked Bill’s rape victims. Don’t be such a sheep. #Walkaway!

  9. I am waiting for CNN to bring me up to speed about the arrest of JEFFREY EPSTEIN and his connection to high level politicians. Just…kidding. 🙂

  10. “This should deeply disturbing”?? Someone: proof these BEFORE you post. This is unprofessional.

    1. Who is this host?? Quit your lying job.. doesn’t it bother you lying every time you speak? It’s Revolting!

    1. that is your version of freedom, force out a duly elected President? Go back to your momma’s basement.

    2. @Cadre Deux Indeed. Our ancestors worked hard to create the freedom we now enjoy just as we presently work to maintai those freedoms. Liberals are working the hardest. It seems concervatives are content to diminish freedom.

  11. I love how she brings three other people on to nod, smile and agree with her without a single person or idea to show differing views. Very brave, CNN. Well played.

  12. In a cache of leaked diplomatic cables, the British ambassador to Washington described the White House as *uniquely dysfunctional* and warned his counterparts back home that President Tump was *inept* and *insecure* and that his administration could collapse in *disgrace* .


  13. … still ‘President of the United States’ – you sure it’s not ‘Dictator of the Divided States’ !?

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