1. @J Groovy right? I can understand an exec who directly profits off oil and gas fighting so hard to keep this old, destructive industry, but normal everyday americans? For what? So they can keep using their gas engines? When we have cleaner, more efficient and reliable options?

    2. @Josh Davis Republicans tell people things like, “the power goes out when the wind stops blowing or the sun goes down.” It’s crazy that we have a giant fusion reactor in the sky that we’re not using.

    3. @J Groovy Luckily, with games like “Dyson Sphere Project”, the younger generations can get a taste as to what is possible concerning renewable energies if we actually focused on improving that technology. Some people can’t think globally, or even think outside the little bubble that is their life.

    1. This Dem Congresswoman should’ve known she was goading Greene into a tit-for-tat conflict that she can’t win. Wrestle with a pig, you’re gonna get dirty. She may not be intolerant and deplorable like Greene, but she acted just as childish.

    2. @YBfromHolworthy your wrong. Fox and newsmax are the communist party of ex trump. We wont have to worry much longer, because trump will be in prinson by Christmas!

    3. What is wrong with the person who stands for her value? If you could insult her and shamefully bash her here without a remorse, then she is better than you because what she is talking about is for the good of the many. What good did you make for others today than sarcastically bash her.

    4. @Jiejie Gigi Yea good luck with prison Why don’t you explain yourself on why you voted for white supremacist joe? He gave a eulogy to his best friend who was a kkk clan leader…Or do you not know about that either cause Commy News Network brainwashed you…TRUMP2024!!!

    1. @Jo R You orange scourge backers seem to repeat like brainwashed zombies the same catch words over and over. But as usual no facts to back up your mantras. What exactly did the orange scourge do in four years? We have over 1/2 million dead and counting, not an inch of border wall paid for by Mexico, and the most corrupt administration in US history. I guess you’re easily inpressed.

    2. @Jim Morrison I was only seven at that time and have seen many get drafted and some of them never made it back. Makes me wonder how many people that criticize other people for trying to dodge the draft would react if it was them that were getting sent to (what they were calling it at that time) a “police action” and knew that it could possibly be a death sentence before it’s all said and done. There were older guys in my neighborhood I looked up to and after it was over I got to look down at their graves. Government politicians start wars then sent young boys to fight their battles because to them they were just flesh and bones.

  1. Sounds like every single congressperson I know. You have to have an ego to be a politician in the first place.

    1. Oh no, most actually have common sense and don’t believe in silly conspiracies. This lady is the worst of the worst. But that’s the future of the Republican party, which means they have no future.

    1. Really. Name a few.
      Most folks don’t know the names of their representatives in congress.
      You could add governor to that.

  2. Your absolutely right, that lady
    serves no purpose at all in Congress. It’s all a way to grift the cult members of massive donations and speaking fees.

    1. If history is kind to you, you are on the side of liars. If it is unkind to you, you were on the wrong side of the liars. Either way, if you’re in the history books, you are on the wrong side of history.

    1. @Greg Araujo Antifa exists as an ideology, but there is no centralized leadership or organization. This what they mean. That’s the problem with the movement, really. Extremists get lumped in with people who just hate fascism, because they all go by the generic “Antifa” title. There is no internal accountability.

      Q is just a simple myth.

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