Curfew Hours Relaxed | Deadly Black Fungus & Covid | Former NCB Manager Sentenced 1

Curfew Hours Relaxed | Deadly Black Fungus & Covid | Former NCB Manager Sentenced


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  1. So why is that the government sentences scammers in Jamaica for 20 years on she get 7 see how double standard it goes with the system

  2. Den if I can be fully vaccinated and still have to quarantine might as well mi nuh vaccinate and still quarantine.

  3. Can i ask Jamaica Television a question, Andrew only can manage the covid19. So he can’t stop the crime rates in little Jamaica island, not a good prime minister.

    1. You see i was watch LA luwis on his channel and he said he wrnt to the prime minister house and security forces said to him that he have 3 minutes to leave the area, you know if he didn’t leave they mite of shoot him and said any thing. The prime minister got security around his house even in the front before you could even get to his gate. But the poor people in Jamaica island are getting killed every day and he promises the people that it will be better. It’s all for the money that’s why the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil.

  4. I think he was a lil confused he was meant to say the early election caused a spike and not Entertainment….

  5. Even if you decide to build in areas like that you should at least build on stilts high up ,like in key lagoon Florida.

  6. Church gathering increases from 30 to 50 persons 3rd June 2020 that’s last year Mr Holdness that’s in the past

  7. Maybe the document The PM was reading from created from last year 2020 but now reading the doc created from last year but how would they know what would happen today hmmmm what do you think people???

  8. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome on board our new aircraft. For insurance-legal purposes we’d like to inform you that this plane only has a conditional marketing authorisation. It will (or will not) get its regular authorisation when the tests we are currently running are completed. For the very unlikely case that any passengers will be harmed by using our aircraft, we strictly assume no liability. We wish you a pleasant flight.

  9. I understand no gathering n party etc but what’s the point of the curfew still ? Just doesn’t make sense

  10. I won’t be traveling if I had to be fully vaccine and have to isolated. Sorry not again

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