‘Cyber Ninja’ Company In AZ Ballot Stunt Under Investigation By House Oversight Committee


  1. Reminder: Arguing with trolls is like playing chess with a pigeon: It doesn’t matter how well you do, at some point, the pigeon is going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and then strut off like it just won.

    1. @T Destroyer they called for trolls and you answered.

      Here is the thing about trolling, it is the most self defeating thing ever. The channels make their revenue off the traffic, they want trolls to click because it drives up traffic. They leave the comment section open solely for the purpose of attracting trolls. The more they post and the more arguments they get into, the more traffic they generate.

      In fact, the demand for anti Trump content is created by the trolls compulsively swarming. They are just easily triggered to click on the content to cry and pout over how mean they are to Trump.

      Which is why we should actually feed trolls. Triggering them supports the channel with their clicks. It is kind of like taking your annoying.little brother by the arm and making him hit himself in the face.

    2. @IHC Terra Except there are paid disinformation Trolls – so they don’t care, each time they successfully troll they get paid.

    3. @Kyomii they support the channel. It doesn’t matter the Russians are paying them to make idiots of themselves.

    1. @Scott Harrison I understand what is going on. A conspiracy therorist nut job is sitting in his barn up here in Mt with Mike Lindell.
      He has full access to the entire election information with ZERO oversight.
      Could you imagine if a election could be called after one person was allowed to look over the votes by himself..
      If the one person had full access to all that computer code…
      Especially when that person has been spreading false information about one of the opponents.
      Perhaps Hunter Biden could apply for counting the next election.
      He looks like a very honest young man.

    2. @Scott Harrison You wrote: over 60% of voters believe the 2016 election was rigged
      My response: That is because the Mueller report proved Russia interfered in the election for Trump you numb nuts🤪🥴

    3. @Scott Harrison “All I want to do is this, I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.”

    4. @леший what about dominion voter systems? How come they didn’t give access to the state officials on the main computers and why are they involved if they’re a Canadian company.

    5. @Scott Harrison I bet you is Biden would use DOJ LIL Trump did. Cyber Ninja would pack up and break camp faster than Trump left DC on Inauguration Day

    1. @Tera Tokomi Doofus, you are projecting yourself into everyone else. YOU go by what you are told and don’t even think about whether it makes sense or if there is any evidence to support it. For instance, Doug Logan isn’t a partisan? The Arizona senate didn’t vote for an audit by the slimmest majority possible along strict party lines? Everyone interviewed going to work at the “audit” didn’t express support for Trump, or disdain for the “liberal media”, or otherwise declare their partisan standing? Have you noticed that everything you say is just an assertion with no evidence, and everything I say is backed by evidence and logic. Do you ever wonder why that might be?

    2. @Tera Tokomi In fact the cyber ninjas have made it abundantly clear they’re all about trump but also a Christian company who has expressed they are auditing the election for trump for god. Or for god for Trump. I forget the wording on their site but wow it’s bad

    3. @Jeff Padgett Funny, they didnt mention trumps name even once at the audit hearing. I believe what you meant was… For God and Truth.

  2. Just like the lawyers in Michigan, the nut jobs pushing the big lie need to be held accountable. Lock them up.

    1. Exactly! And do it while the iron is hot!
      Defend the Constitution from all threats, both foreign, and domestic!!

    2. @Stefan Schleps yup. These domesic extremist terrorists must be locked up for treason against america and its hard working citizens.

  3. prediction

    kickbacks to republicans
    selling/passing on voters private details

    1. @Tim B Well we had crazy crackpot conservatives who tried to destroy Capitol hill. The FBI said the biggest threat to America is radical right wing extremist! No reason to panic huh?

      Southern red Republican states has the highest rates of uninsured people in America. Perhaps the world for that matter. Very well could have the highest rates of mental illness in America! Southern red Republican states now have the least amount of people vaccinated in America. People who are dying right now from Covid-19 are people who haven’t been vaccinated. Just think how much better this country will be without the GOP!

    2. @AnotherLover if you have no evidence showing that an election was stolen….and yall have none, noda, no not one bit…then the obvious answer is…your looking for nothing and that’s it

    3. @David Clark If you ignore all the evidence, then I don’t care about your opinion. I know that you won’t stand for a stolen election, and that’s all I care about.

  4. Maricopa residents who don’t agree with the audit should sue Cyberninjas as their personal information has been seen by people who aren’t legitimate to see them.

    1. @james westberry Since when do Democrats need proof? They are constantly pushing mis-information.

  5. There needs to be consequences for those who attack our democracy. Not just lawsuits. Prison time. I’m talking the people at the top as well. The wanna be dictator needs to hard time behind bars as much as his brown shirts who attacked us in January 6th.

    1. I agree Biden Harris and 90% of the Democrat politicians need to go to prison for what they did 👍🏻

    2. You were not attacked on January 6th. You would know if it was an attack. What would you call all the racist BLM bs? What would you call all the destruction and violence led on innocent businesses and people? That’s an attack. Nobody got hurt except the girl who worked for the CIA.

    3. Hey, all the trolls responding to your comment. Would they work in teams in Putin’s cellar?

    4. @Incuensuocha Have you actually researched the AZ audit? They’re doing a very thorough and professional job. I dont understand why anyone would be opposed to having an audit. I think they should be done regularly, especially since many counties, including Maricopa County use voting systems owned and run by private companies with proprietary software and equipment. These are our elections and we need quality assurance practices.

    1. @Tim B yet the REPUBLICAN senators said there was. Seek help for your obvious brainwashing issues. Only gullible and ignorant people like you can be brainwashed like you have been

    1. Actually not far from true they don’t even have a legitimate business address only a POBox 🙄

  6. Is it just me or does anyone else marvel at the amount of people who are ready to get to jail or/and lose it all just because of a reality tv star? Unbelievable!!!

    1. @Rick H Rachel Maddow said “Anyday now Mueller will be arresting Trump” every other day for two years lol. So many lefties bought it. Sad really.

  7. The people that believe in this kind of thing will never “understand” anything regardless of the results of any oversight committee inquiries. They are incapable of thinking, so understanding is beyond their level of comprehension.

    1. @Lifes too short To stress I disagree with you again based on Jehovah’s Word. I’m not preaching at you I shined YESHUA’S light through me into you. With No bias. 🛑Following Rules of Religion or Laws produces Death. 🚫YESHUA produces Light & Life.

    2. @Alaska Alaskawow really long winded guy…you must be thirsty more “Kool aid”???………

    3. @Tim B not meaningless. I mean they did win the big elections this time around and are literally watching Republicans choosing not to run for reelection and fight with each other over a man that isn’t even in office anymore. The true outcome of the 2020 election has been nothing but turmoil for the Republican party. I never thought I’d see the day when the GOP would turn on all it’s previous presidential and congressional all stars just to be led into chaos by Trump. 😂

  8. This “audit” should never have been allowed to happen. Those ballots were for a national election and just because this one states officials (republicans) dont like the results they have abused their power to gain access to voter information that is supposed to be protected. This is illegal, unethical, and undemocratic.

    1. @octavio Garcia the citizens asked their representatives for an audit and had two done that were certified by state and county officials. This “audit” we did not ask for, nor do we want to pay for this farce.

    2. @M. Young 2 recounts were done both counting legal and illegal ballots this 3rd is a forensic audit looking at federal water marks paper and ink quality. The audit is already done and the governmental body which is overseeing the results has ended activity for 2021 and will return 2022 which sounds like they don’t want to know what the ninjas found nor do they want to put it on the record. Do some investigative work and you’ll find these facts yourself

    3. @octavio Garcia If a true “forensic audit” is needed then a reputable organization would be doing it, not the owner who spouts Q conspiracies who hires “auditors” with trump stickers all over their cars. Are you even a resident of maricopa, because it seems you have no idea what’s going on down here

    4. @M. Young how do cyber ninjas is not reputable? Have you any information on any miss dead’s they might have committed or any allegations against them? They’re getting paid to do a job they aren’t dictating what the results will be.

  9. About time this gets investigated!!! This can’t be legal to have votes removed from AZ etc.

    1. @Tim B Cyber Ninja moved the ballots to a remote site in Montana. The ballots aren’t even in AZ anymore.

  10. This goofball show is getting old. Both sides of the equation are also annoying. Every week someone is in trouble, someone is being investigated … Blah, blah, blah. Just more tax dollars being flushed; ultimately ending up at another dead end. It’s time to get off this goofy roller coaster for real at this point.

  11. Oh but it’s the “Gold Standard”, remember? Everytime a knucklehead says that I bust out laughing!😅😅

    1. Machines are machines..they can be recertified. Apparently they weren’t certified before the elections anyway.
      Rachel has issues, it wasn’t bamboo or watermarks, there aren’t creases where they showed folded and mailed….they showed up in boxes from being copied. BUSTED!

    2. @goat smith No actually what happened was there are very specific rules and chain of evidence procedures necessary to maintain the level of integrity and security of a voting machine. Cyber Ninjas failed to follow these procedures to maintain the voting machines integrity. So now those voting machines are useless. Sadly this is not the first time Cyber Ninjas have botched a voting recount and damaged voting machines integrity. The one and only other time they worked on a recount was in Pennsylvania. Those voting machines had to be thrown out also because of Cyber Ninjas failures in procedures. So by my count that makes Cyber Ninjas 0/2 for voting recount integrity. Idiots…

    3. @R Smith you get your info from your Uncle Bubba’s friend you can’t seem to recall? Just checkin cause the chicken feed your spreading smells like bull manure from here.

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