1. “it was a perfect hack. the most perfect hack. no one has ever seen a hack like this before. except me, the most perfect hack”

    1. Drumpf’s giving the house away just like he did his failed casinos. He’s like a petulant Nero.

      He’ll say it didn’t happen and that if it did, it was migrant farm workers from Guatemala…and his cultists will swallow it up.

    2. @Brian Dunn oh. That’s an evil thought. Everyone was wondering if he’d sell them secrets once he’d left. BUT giving them access while he’s in office? That’s new. And Russia indeed might be willing to knock some $ off his debt.

  1. tRump probably gave Russian government the method to hack as payment for his delinquent loans fro his buddy Putin.

  2. Trump: Russia did not do it, that’s what Putin told me. So our intelligence is wrong, it was Mexico who did it.

  3. After all of the staff purging, it’s no wonder that Trump’s friends “hacked” in. More like invited. Treasury? Covering the dotard’s fraud and money laundering

  4. BREAKING NEWS ! Donnie GAVE his best friend Putin the password . It was not a break in , tRump gave it to them !!!

  5. I’m betting there not taking out info rather then putting some in maybe some emails tax slips bunch of hunter Biden stuff you watch

  6. No No These are Trumps best Buddies they wouldn’t do it to him Surely just ask Putins Puppet if he can Ask

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